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Welcome to The Backrooms Wiki,
The Backrooms encyclopedia that anyone can edit!
130 articles in English

For new users

It is recommended that you get a grasp of MediaWiki before editing this wiki, and a good understanding of The Backrooms before adding pages. Message an admin if you have any further questions.
Also, remember to check out this wiki's policies before continuing.

Featured Articles of July 2024
The Backrooms

Your real-life nightmare.
The Frontrooms

[you are here]

Object 4 — “Smiler Repellent”

Hidden within the morning dew, there lies a secret to conquering one of the most fearsome entities…

What was once a passion project has now gone on to be one of the biggest communication methods in The Backrooms.

Template formatting improvements.
News archive section.
Possible shutdown.
Another temporary break.
This wiki and the future of Miraheze.

See The Backrooms:News archive for older news stories.

Important pages

The Backrooms:VFD
The Backrooms:Admins
The Backrooms:Guides
The Backrooms:List of social media
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Entity List
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