Lucy's Room

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Survival Difficulty:            Class 1
》Minimal Entity Count

An image of Lucy's bedroom, seemingly taken by Lucy herself.

Lucy's Room is a secret level that takes the appearance of a small bedroom. It is the only place where Lucy can be found.


Lucy's Room takes the appearance of a small bedroom without windows and with dim lights. It has a white bed with grey, fluffy sheets. There are two night stands on the side of the bed, containing a variety of items. The room is usually messy and has rubbish on the ground. There is a small painting behind the bed that frequently changes. In front of the bed, there is a flat screen TV that is rather small. Although it appears to be clean, it is actually dysfunctional. Beside the TV is a closet where Lucy gets her clothes. The closet restocks very frequently. As well as the closet, a dustbin can also be found near the TV. This bin never fills up, and anything thrown into it seems to completely vanish. On the opposite side of the entrance, there is a small computer that appears to be from the early 2000s. The desk the computer is on is typically very dirty. Next to the computer, there is a door to a bathroom, which is spotless and appears luxury. When entering, there is a Roman shower to the right, and two luxury sinks to the left. While the sink closer to the door just produces water, the sink further away produces almond water. There is a dustbin under the sinks, although, unlike the dustbin in the bedroom, this one does actually fill up, and is emptied by Lucy occasionally. The sinks also have a mirror. Lastly, there is a toilet immediately visible when walking in, in the middle of the bathroom against the wall.

Food appears at the entrance of Lucy's Room every few hours when Lucy isn't asleep.


Lucy's Room is mostly devoid of entities, with the exception being Lucy herself, the namesake of the level, who can only be found here. As a result, this level is seen as one of the safest levels.

Colonies and Outposts

Due to the level's tiny size, outposts would most likely be impossible to create. The level's only permanent inhabitant is Lucy, and she does not like it when wanderers stay there for more than a few hours.


Unlike most Backrooms levels, the creation of Lucy's Room can actually be traced back to a specific point in time. On 16 August 2001, the bedroom of then-sixteen-year-old Lucy (last name unknown) noclipped into The Backrooms. While her bedroom was originally much more spacious and had windows, The Backrooms transformed it into what it is now. The walk-in closet is also now a bathroom. In The Frontrooms, it is unclear what happened to Lucy's family. Most say that her bedroom was replaced with an exact copy. However, others that her parents and brother were arrested for supposedly unrelated reasons, and then executed, while her house was demolished in order to hide evidence of the existence of The Backrooms. An even less popular opinion is that Lucy isn't the real Lucy, and that Lucy is an entity impersonating this Lucy, or a wanderer brainwashed by some other force into thinking they were Lucy. Lastly, some say that her whole backstory is made up, and that Lucy never even existed. This is unlikely, however, as the first report of Lucy's Room was on 21 August 2001, only five days after the level was supposedly created.

Entrances and Exits


Lucy's Room can be entered from a variety of levels by walking through out-of-place white, wooden doors with metal handles that look like they belong in a luxury house. These are especially common on low levels, but can be found in many levels of The Backrooms.


Lucy's Room can only be exited by walking out the front door, which will place wanderers in the same place they entered, like they never left the level they were in. While some say that Lucy has anomalous abilities that are able to transfer wanderers elsewhere, this has only been experienced by wanderer Zacky Gutierrez, when he was transferred to Level 283 apparently during a nap.