Level 9

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Survival Difficulty:            Class 5
》Entity Infestation

Level 9 is the tenth level of the Backrooms.


One of the houses in Level 9

Within Level 9, a seemingly boundless suburban landscape unfolds beneath an eternal midnight sky. While its darkness echoes the ominous nature of Level 6, it lacks the same level of peril. The architecture of this level encompasses an assortment of houses, each distinct in design and size, although the sighting of identical homes in proximity has been reported, defying reason.

These houses in Level 9 present a façade of furnishing and modernity, yet a lack of operational power source often renders their lighting systems inert. While some residences may stand void of occupants, most are endowed with furnishings akin to those of standard homes: couches, televisions, beds, refrigerators, and more. It's important to note that functional items reliant on power sources remain non-operational. In a curious phenomenon, certain houses boast fully appointed yards at their rear. An additional anomaly manifests as the occurrence of two houses inexplicably intertwined when one ventures too far, defying the laws of physics.

Among the inhabitants of this level, Smilers are abundant, alongside the presence of Deathmoths, Death Rats, and Skin-Stealers. An exceptional entity also calls Level 9 its home—the Vandals. Humanoid in appearance, these beings sport hoodies, masks, and gloves, brandishing an array of weapons from knives and bats to crowbars and spray cans. Notorious for their aggressive territoriality, the Vandals deface houses and cars, employing their cunning and stealth to ambush unsuspecting intruders.


Communal formations within Level 9 represent an exploratory endeavor fraught with peril, thus far lacking substantiated documentation on the realization of such aspirations.

Entrances and Exits


The most common entry point to Level 9 often materialize through passageways featuring grassy floors on Level 8. These conduits lead to various points within Level 9. Additionally, the revolving door within Level 40 provides access, and occasionally, the animated houses within Level 94 can serve as a gateway.


Exits from Level 9 are characterized by diverse modalities. Prolonged wandering may result in transition to Level 11. Walkways interfacing with herbaceous expanses function as conduits to either Level 9.1 or Level 10. Entry into a house presents a random chance of translocation to Level 53. Encounter with waste disposal receptacles leads to access to Level 98. Identification of an airport within Level 9 provides an egress to Level 36. In parallel, identification of a recreational space featuring tubular architecture imbued with radiant luminosity facilitates a transition to the Tubes nexus of Level 283.

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