Level 8

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Survival Difficulty:            Class 5
》Entity Infestation

A photograph of Level 8.

Level 8 is the 9th level of The Backrooms.


Level 8 is made up of huge caves and small cave systems that twist and turn like normal underground systems. Level 8 is full of darkness, however, it is much less dark than Level 6, and it is necessary to bring a light source to illuminate the place. The Level itself is damp, with a large amount of Almond Water flowing from the walls and ceiling, mostly on the floor of the Level. There is mud and pools of Almond Water and tar, however, no hazards from puddles and mud have been reported.

The size of the cave was considered infinite, with large tunnels, small tunnels, or even claustrophobic tunnels. Cave pools such as tar pools and pools of normal water have been found. Tar pools can usually be identified when it is bubbling up, and being extremely darker, upon entering it will result in groups of tar-covered humanoid hands reaching out and grabbing the Wanderer, dragging him into a closer pool. Normal water pools are generally more frequent than tar pools, there were no reports of danger in normal water pools, however, they can help the Wanderer find a closer exit to Level 7 according to his route. On the way, it is recommended to be careful with the water, because it has several stones on top of or under the water that can cut any Wanderer in the arm or leg of the subject. There are small veins of ore within Level 8. This tier includes many types of ore minerals such as iron, copper, gold and more. The M.E.G. has created public transportation routes in the secure area of ​​Level 8 for safe travel for Wanderers, with route papers available at their base.

Level 8 is dangerous and care should be taken when exploring, the further down Level 8 you go, the less dangerous the Level becomes. Due to this, most Colonies and Outposts are established in the deeper areas.

Furthermore, Level 8 is also full of paranormal phenomena, or, paranormal dangers, which will be listed below.

Level 8 Paranormal Events

Curves that move

As the phenomenon already says, as the Wanderer walks through the Level, rarely can a path be changed in a way that it usually is, when the Wanderer looks back or when he closes his eye for a few seconds and opens it again. When, the phenomenon happens, the new curve can lead to a safer area of ​​the Level if the Wanderer is lucky, or, the curve can lead to some dangerous areas. Based on the event, it is recommended to stay alert to avoid the phenomenon, but if it happens, it is advised to move away from the area where the curve changed or to walk with caution.

The Darkest Areas of Level 8

In some unidentified areas of Level 8, there may be darkness similar to Level 6, however, it is more dangerous than Level 6 due to the area being at risk of containing hostile entities. Light sources work weakly within the area. Upon observing the dark area, some entities were identified as Smilers, Frowners, and eyes of entities that were not identified. Generally, some have green eyes, while others have purple or blue eyes. The area has stones on the ceiling, and if a Wanderer does not see the stone, it could cut their head, resulting in injury. Similarly, there are stones on the ground, and if the Wanderer does not observe the ground, it can cut their foot or leg, causing injury as well. Upon entering this area, it is not possible to fully view the body of the entity. However, as stated above, one can still see the eyes of an entity or the slightly darkened stones with some ease. Entering these areas is not advised and should be avoided immediately.

Earthquakes or cave destruction

Sometimes, in other Level 8 areas, there may be some destruction or earthquakes in a certain area, the causes of this may be movements of tall Entities, noises of Entities or dropping stones on the ceiling that can only cause the destruction of an area. If the event happens, it is important to calm down, leave the area as soon as possible and go to another safe space.

Below, was a case that happened to four teenagers, namely: Dave Miller, Jeremy Carter, Sally Dixon and Jeff Allen, check it out:

The following account was made by J. Allen.
Ok, let's go. As we were walking down the Level, Jeremy had an idea, he was going to walk with Dave, and I was going to walk with Sally. I was hanging out with Sally. until out of nowhere, the two of us found four Houndes, and that damn thing started with the stones being cracked, some falling to the ground and all you could hear was the noise of those rocks. Those Houndes started to run away and let us go, Sally and I started to run away from it until a rock ended up falling on top of Sally, and the other one the biggest one ended up falling, separating the two of us, I started screaming for help as the area I was in was closed off. I hear the noise of Jeremy asking if I'm okay, until a falling rock interrupts, making it so I can't hear anything they're saying. Afterward, I was trapped and suddenly, The M.E.G base destroyed the rocks in the area where I was trapped and they rescued me, they asked me if everything was okay and tried to calm me down. I asked if they knew the location of those two boys (Jeremy and Dave), and they said they couldn't find them and that they were missing, probably dead, but I hope not. Well, it's been very difficult to find the boys, and now, I'm still trying to look for them, being careful with the hostile Entities that live on the Level, please avoid Level 8 at all costs.


Many dangerous Entities reside in Level 8, that being Smilers, Skin-Stealers, Insanities, Camo Crawlers. Transporters, Male and Female Deathmoths, Hostile Facelings, Hounds, Death Rats, Paralies, Frowners, Clumps, Reviooks, Wranglers and rare sightings of Stalkers. Crawlers have been reported due to the vents of Level 2 connecting to Level 8. There are also appearances of bats and spiders that are similar to The Frontrooms within Level 8.

Due to the danger presented by the Entity known as Wranglers, it is highly advised to be aware of their abilities before traversing this Level. Above all, if any rumblings are heard or felt, evacuate the area immediately.

Colonies and Outposts

Setting up an outpost or community within Level 8 is not advised. However, this does not mean it hasn't been done.

The M.E.G. Outpost "Cave Raiders"

  • This is an Outpost set up by The M.E.G. during 2015 and finished by 2016.
  • This Outpost is tasked with terminating hostile Entities and mapping out routes for public transportation.
  • This Outpost has fifty-four members.
  • The Outpost helps people who are trapped on rocks by hearing people moving, breathing or screaming.

Backroom Colonists

The outpost contains around 37 guards, and is mostly for transportation, they will help wanderers leave the level.

Entrances and Exits


  • Finding and entering a Level 7 ocean floor cave will lead to Level 8.
  • Crawling through The Tubes in Level 283 will lead to a point where the multi-colored playground tubes transition into Level 8's small jagged rocky caves.
  • It has been reported that falling into a hole in Level 6 leads to Level 8, however, this has not been confirmed due to the fact that holes in the floor of Level 6 are difficult to find.


  • Using walkways through grassy walkways or no-clipping leaves that spawn in the cave can lead to Level 9.
  • In the cave pool, it can be used as the return for Level 7.
  • Going to higher areas may lead one to Level 8.4.
  • Rare tiny silvery passages of Level 8 lead to Level 75.
  • Rare tiny golden passages of Level 8 lead to Level Gold.