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Level 11

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Survival Difficulty:            Class 1
》Minimal Entity Count

Drone-captured image of Level 11's centre.

Level 11 is the twelfth positive level of The Backrooms. It appears to be an infinite city.


Level 11 is an infinite city, similar to many in The Frontrooms. Level 11's buildings consist of skyscrapers, offices, hotels, grocery stores, clothing stores, parking garages, hospitals, churches, memorials, and many others. The insides of these buildings are sometimes anomalous, with many being empty, although they are mostly furnished. Facelings are frequently seen working at buildings in Level 11, as well as living at homes. These facelings are much friendlier than facelings on other levels, and as such, “The 11 Effect” has been named after this level. Hounds on this level exhibit behaviour similar to regular dogs, and are also considered to be affected by “The 11 Effect”. Beyond furniture, the buildings are usually around as dirty as their counterparts in The Frontrooms, although some are always almost completely clean.

The buildings have several anomalous properties, such as windows that show nothing but walls, doors leading outside tens of metres off the ground without a balcony or similar structure, stairways that lead to nowhere, buildings that clean themselves, elevators without any buttons inside, doors that lead into a black box, elevators that don't lead to the proper level of a building, elevators that lead to a wall, elevators that don't move, doors in the middle of a room, floating windows and furniture, zero-gravity sections, and many others. While buildings cleaning themselves could be explained by a microorganism, it is more likely they are cleaned by anomalous methods, since microorganisms with the ability to fully clean a building have never been found.

While structures on the level are mostly random, there are also power plants found around 80 kilometres apart, with the first starting at the corners of an 80 km by 80 km square around the level's centre. The power plants do not seem to do much to power the level, although are highly radioactive. The most radioactive one is around 160 kilometres away. It has transformed its surroundings so much, they are now considered a separate level. Anything within 100 kilometres of the power plant is considered to be a part of the “Perdition Exclusion Zone”. The power plants are under almost constant surveillance by The M.E.G., to ensure nothing bad happens to them.

The streets of the city are almost always completely empty. However, they have been observed to have a double-yellow line in the middle, sidewalks, various road signs (mostly in English, although Spanish road signs exist in the level as well). Although almost completely empty, cars can sometimes be found on the streets. Most of these are very broken, although some are not, and used for transportation. These cars are not anomalous, and can be fixed. Most cars in Level 11 are imported from elsewhere. There are some anomalous features of the city streets, such as sections having been destroyed, parts of them noclipping into buildings, and others. Sidewalks share similar behaviour, sometimes cutting into the sides of buildings, abruptly ending, or even shooting up into the sky.

Street lights in the level are mostly normal. Although lamps are almost always off, they are sometimes on, or, very rarely, flicker constantly. This flickering usually isn't at a constant rate, although it sometimes follows a pattern.

Level 11 is abundant in natural resources. Almond water is found almost everywhere, from vending machines, random water bottles, inside old cars, inside of stores, inside freezers, and sold by street vendors. The almond water in this level restocks every few hours. This has lead to Level 11 being completely different from most other Backrooms levels in one major way: Almond water is almost completely worthless, and is typically exported to trade for more exotic foods and drinks. Lucky o' milk is common in Level 11 as well, where it is used in a variety of recipes and is considered a delicacy. Many residents of Level 11 use Lucky o' milk as their primary drink.

Despite the fact that Wi-Fi is not usually considered a natural resource, it is abundant in Level 11. Most Wi-Fi networks have 12-character-long names consisting of random letters, or, rarely, numbers. For example, there are 3 networks at Level 11's centre: One is named “KmZNuoPLeMeA”, one is named “MNBxZyDuALZr”, and one named “fJmJsAILmeD1”. Network passwords, if they have one, are generally just the name of the network. For example, “MNBxZyDuALZr” and “fJmJsAILmeD1” have no password, while the password of “KmZNuoPLeMeA” is the name of the network. Speed and security also vary. While all networks at the level's centre are frequently reported to be “fast”, further out, some networks are slower and glitchier. The further away from the centre you are, the more likely you are to find a slow network. Glitches in the networks vary wildly, from merely failing to connect on the first try to one ending up at the wrong website. As well, the further away from the centre you are, not only are you more likely to find a glitchy network, but networks further away tend to glitch more.

Lastly, many networks in Level 11 are insecure. Much like speed, networks close to the centre are far more secure than networks far away from the centre. Network security vulnerabilities are usually severe, and include being able to remotely view someone's search history and downloads on the network, the ability to steal their files, access their cameras, and install malware remotely. While most of these can be done only by other people connected to the network, others, generally those further away from the centre, can be viewed by anyone. There does not seem to be any correlation between insecure networks and slow and glitchy networks. Due to very severe security vulnerabilities, The M.E.G. recommends that networks over 100 kilometres away from the centre should only be connected very rarely, and networks over 250 kilometres away from the centre should not be connected to at all. This is a very strict measure for high-ranking M.E.G. members, as many have been demoted severely or even kicked out of The M.E.G. for connecting to these networks. However, The M.E.G. has constructed networks in these unsafe areas that relay data back to a network in the centre, so people far away from the centre can use Wi-Fi. Despite this, these networks are uncommon, and are usually password-protected with the password being unknown to anyone who isn't an M.E.G. higher-up or a resident of said flat. There are networks out this far that have their password on a public database available to anyone who is a registered member of The M.E.G., although these are even rarer.

While the level was almost completely empty when it was first discovered, it has been transformed into the most populous quantum-stable level, with over 1,000,000 people if you count facelings. The level today barely resembles the level when it was first discovered.

Events and phenomena

Although Level 11 is a very safe level, it is, like most levels of The Backrooms, no stranger to anomalous phenomena. Although some think these events are, in some way, related to the frequent events on Level 92, this is widely disputed.

The “Rolling Car” event

By far the most common event on Level 11, occurring almost every time a wanderer walks into the street, the “Rolling Car” event is when a car, not from any identifiable brand or model, randomly rolls into the street and then stops. These cars are usually empty, although sometimes contain anomalous facelings that walk out of the car as soon as it stops and vanish the instant someone stops looking at them. These facelings walk in a straight line, cannot be interacted with, and will bump into walls and trip over things if they are in the way. If physically interacted with, a wanderer's arm will phase right through them as if nothing was there.

The origins of the cars are unclear, as nobody has ever seen one appear. However, it is widely agreed upon that they appear randomly, and the facelings that are sometimes inside have a similar origin. However, the cars never appear in front of a red light, nor do they appear when a wanderer isn't in front of them. This has led some people to believe the cars are created by The Backrooms itself to “punish” jaywalkers. The idea has picked up some traction in scientific communities in The Backrooms, although it is not widely accepted.

The cars have injured and even killed some people in the past. Although most of the deaths are from elderly wanderers or facelings, some young people have died as well, if they stand too close to the car. This has led The M.E.G. to issue a warning against jaywalking in Level 11, and issue a notice for wanderers to wait for the lights to change, at minimum. If this is not possible, they advise crossing as quickly as possible.

Dark patches

Dark patches are the second most common event in Level 11, after the “Rolling Car” event. The event happens when nobody looks at a region of Level 11, and, rarely, said region become completely black for several minutes. It is unknown why this happens, although the black area is not dangerous and does not attract smilers. They are typically very small, with the largest one ever recorded being a perfect square with an area of around 225 square metres. These events lead some to believe that The Backrooms are a simulation or video game, and that this is a “glitch”. However, due to the anomalous properties of The Backrooms, most people think that these events are merely coincidences.


One of the rarest events in Level 11, there is occasionally a “screech” sound emitted from a random wanderer, enough to deafen nearby wanderers and facelings. The sound continues until internal pressure causes the wanderer which is emitting the sound to explode. According to The M.E.G., the event occurs around “once every 15 years”. However, this is not universally agreed upon. Scientists from anti-M.E.G. groups say that the event occurs at least annually, and that The M.E.G. only counts “verified” events, excluding events that are “unverified”. The reason they do this is supposedly to encourage immigration to Level 11, as The M.E.G. has a stranglehold over Level 11's population. This is widely considered a “conspiracy theory” or “anti-M.E.G. propaganda”, even by groups unaffiliated with The M.E.G., and so, it is not widely believed. This is also due to the fact that The M.E.G.'s stranglehold over Level 11 prevents anti-M.E.G. groups from properly gathering data there.

Other groups, mostly small pro-M.E.G. groups, have made claims that the events only occur at most once every century, and that The M.E.G. consistently reports false positives as actual occurances. While anti-M.E.G. groups obviously state that these numbers are made up, even groups ambivalent to The M.E.G. say that the groups that make these claims are merely trying to appease The M.E.G. so they get assistance from them. Major pro-M.E.G. groups, such as The B.M.T.G., agree with The M.E.G.'s claim of “around once every 15 years”, although have made no comment. The M.E.G. itself has not commented on the claims of these smaller groups publically.

Notable landmarks

Since Level 11 has been inhabited for a long time and has such a large population, there are a variety of famous landmarks in the level besides bases.

Landmarks constructed by wanderers

The Backrooms Museum

Not to be confused with Level 57.

Construction on The Backrooms Museum began in 1834, and ended in 1856. The construction was taken on by The Backrooms Colonists, and was and still is used to store a variety of important photos, artefacts, and paintings. The building has a style similar to Level 0, and is exactly one million square metres. It is also 300 metres tall. Architects as well as people who know very little about architecture commonly agree that the museum is a marvel of modern technology.

Unlike other museums, The Backrooms Museum is not paid for with fiat money, as there is no official currency of The M.E.G. Instead, entering the building requires you to indebt yourself to The M.E.G., and requires you to submit an item upon the request of The M.E.G. Sometimes, this fee is paid upon entrance, especially if The M.E.G. is currently working on a major project.

The famous image of Level 0, which currently resides in The Backrooms Museum.

The Museum has a variety of exhibits, with photographs such as Level 0's famous photograph, the first image ever taken of Level 3, and, most famously, an image of a wanderer running away from a faceling in Level 2, which is shown in great detail on the roof of the building's lobby. Paintings of a variety of levels are found here as well. Many of these are attributed to “The Artist”, although other artists also have paintings here, many famous in The Frontrooms, although art from artists exclusively famous in The Backrooms is present there as well. Lastly, there are models of several Backrooms levels, although lacking entities. This is by far the most famous exhibit, and it takes up 90% of the building.

History and construction

In the early 1830s, many high-ranking officials of The Backrooms Colonists began to draft a plan for a large monument, which they said would show the “glory” and “artistic pride” of the group. It was approved during the 1834 Congress of The Backrooms Colonists. Although the Congress thought it would not be finished until the mid-1900s, many officials poured their personal fortunes into it. As well, extraction technologies improved during this time, allowing for more cement to be gathered. In the end, the museum being finished only by 1856 was a major propaganda victory for The Backrooms Colonists, demoralizing many enemy groups.

Since construction, the building has not changed much, aside from occasional repairs and The M.E.G. taking over management when The Backrooms Colonists merged into them. The building almost sustained severe damage near the end of The M.E.G.'s war with The Mountain Man Coalition, although a desperate defence by many citizens of Level 11 prevented it from being damaged. The building was one of the major targets for The Mountain Man Coalition after entering Level 11, with some saying it was right behind The M.E.G.'s headquarters in importance. This was likely due to the value the building had to The M.E.G., as well as the fact that the building was a symbol of The M.E.G.'s supposed architectural expertise.

As of 2024, the museum has barely changed since its construction. The museum attracts thousands of visitors every day, and is one of the largest contributors to The M.E.G.'s fortune. Although several proposals have been made to “modernize” the architecture, all have been emphatically rejected.

Landmarks not built by wanderers

Landmarks that are clones of landmarks in The Frontrooms

Level 11 is notable in that many landmarks within the level are replicas of real places within The Frontrooms. Many of these landmarks are anomalous or otherwise imperfect clones, however. Landmarks with anomalous properties or landmarks that are historically important will have their own section.

Upside Down St. Louis Arch

The Upside Down St. Louis Arch (stylized as “ɥɔɹⱯ sᴉnoꓶ ·ʇS'”) is a major tourist attraction, as it is located only around 12 kilometres from Level 11's centre in an open field. Despite being called “upside down”, the arch is actually flipped 173° degrees compared to the version of the St. Louis Arch in The Frontrooms, as well as being around three times as big. To keep the landmark from being obstructed, The M.E.G. set up an exclusion zone of 500 metres around it. The only thing allowed within this exclusion zone is grass and two roads, one travelling north to south and one east to west. Although this “exclusion zone” was an unwritten agreement going back to the days of The Backrooms Colonists, it was officially defined in 1928. The building was completely undamaged in the war between The M.E.G. and The Mountain Man Coalition, which surprises many since it is so close to Level 11's centre.

The building attracted major attention in 1954 when some M.E.G. scientists reported that the structure was “beginning to develop a gravitational pull”. The M.E.G. proceeded to close the monument's surroundings without explanation to investigate. The M.E.G. noticed that the monument had a “weak gravitational pull”, with it being able to attract a baseball from 10 metres away over the course of a few hours, even if the baseball was travelling uphill. However, the gravitational pull began to weaken in mid-1955, and returned to expected levels in early 1957, leading to the monument's sudden reopening. Ever since this incident, the monument's gravity has been “pulsing” with a cycle of around 4 years, similar to pulsations of the star Betelgeuse. It is unknown what causes this, and it is unknown what this means for the monument and Level 11 in general.

Floating Golden Gate Bridge

The Floating Golden Gate Bridge (stylized as “ᴳᵒˡᵈᵉⁿ ᴳᵃᵗᵉ ᴮʳᶦᵈᵍᵉ”) is an anomaly in Level 11. It is also a new discovery, having only been discovered in 2007. The bridge is over 4 million kilometres away from the centre of Level 11, and those who discovered it took almost 10 years in a car travelling non-stop at slightly under 100 kilometres per hour. The trip was made by self-proclaimed “lunatics” Qasim Qamar and Paulo Ngonda. Both were close friends in high school, and unexpectedly noclipped into The Backrooms at the ages of 14 and 13, respectively. Despite being very young, they quickly managed to make it to Level 11. When they were both 15, they found an anomalous car that had no fuel tank and was able to travel forever, and also had autopilot. The two knew very little about The Backrooms, and as such, decided to take the car to the centre of the level, and make it drive in a straight line for as long as possible. They hoped to find something interesting or just to see how long the level went on for. It is unknown when exactly they left the centre of Level 11, although most believe it to be in late 1996 or early 1997.

For the first few years of the expedition, the two took no notes on the surroundings, although wrote a variety of short stories on paper. They sometimes thought about turning around, although decided that they had gone too far to turn around by this point. To this day, it is unknown how they didn't succumb to insanitation, although it is likely that a gas released by microorganisms in the car itself prevented the insanitation process.

At an unknown date, the two reached a floating version of the Golden Gate Bridge. Upon reaching it, they decided to write a report involving the landmark, as well as stay in the immediate region for a few months while scouting it as well. There are two reports available, one written not long after their arrival, and one written just before they left. For the reports below, important parts will be written in blue text.

Report 1
Q. Qamar
P. Ngonda
I'm not even sure of the date. Although I do not know much of The Backrooms, this is one of the most gargantuan things I have ever seen.

I grew up in Long Island to a middle-class family, after being born on October 20th, 1981. Both my mother, Fatma and my father, Salwa, worked at an office in New York, and had to commute there every day to work. They usually hired people to take care of me. I wasn't a bad student in elementary school, and I ended up with many friends. However, none of them felt like… me.

Paulo's story is completely different. He was born in Luanda, Angola. His father, João, was a politician and general loyal to the MPLA. His mother, Cristina, was the complete opposite. Cristina was a Portuguese immigrant to Angola, and, although she was from a rich family, her dad died in the Portuguese Colonial War and her mother committed suicide not long after. This left her homeless at the age of 11, and she wandered around Angola for more than a decade afterward.

The way they met is by far the strangest part of his life. Shortly after the end of the Portuguese Colonial War, João found Cristina in an alleyway in Luanda. Despite Cristina being extremely poor, malnourished, dirty, and unclean, João fell in love with her when he first saw her. Although Cristina was reluctant at first, since João was much older than her, she eventually caved in after becoming aware of João's political connections. The two got married shortly afterward, and Paulo was born on December 11th, 1981.

Although the two got along at first, despite the ongoing civil war, their relationship rapidly decayed after Paulo's birth. João was very abusive towards Cristina, and her and Paulo sneaked on to a ship travelling to New York in 1989. They brought nothing other than their clothes. After this, they wandered New York for the next few months. However, in a fashion very similar to Cristina's first marriage, a man found her on the pavement, and offered to take her to his house. Cristina wanted to refuse, although she thought this might being Paulo's only chance at a normal life, so she reluctantly accepted. The two got married in late 1990, and the now 9-year-old Paulo started attending my elementary school in September. This second marriage was much more successful than the first, and Paulo often said that his “new father”, Joseph, was very kind to both Cristina and him. As well, Cristina was finally able to secure a job at a local supermarket, while Joseph, his father, worked as a lawyer.

Despite his lack of education, Paulo was extremely intelligent. By the time I first saw him in September, he could barely speak English, while his comprehension of English was at a near-native level by February. As well, he got average grades in many other subjects by summer 1991, and had an amazing work ethic from day 1.

Paulo didn't have many friends in his first few months at school, both due to his upbringing and the fact that his comprehension of English was very poor. However, in late January 1991, I approached him. He was very shy and awkward at first, although quickly warmed up, and became one of my best friends by the end of the year. From this point onward, we spent a lot of time together, from eating together, playing games together, and even doing work together. He also taught me a small amount of Portuguese, which was funny because I still have no idea how to speak it. Throughout middle school, we also got into frequent trouble. Although many other kids tended to get in trouble as well, we were especially troublesome. From harmless pranks such as ding-dong ditching to outright theft, we did it all. We were lunatics. Almost everyone looked up to us.

Our life got flipped around in late 1995, when we suddenly noticed a random set of stairs appearing in the middle of our high school. Nobody was looking, so we decided to run up them… Big mistake. We tripped, and got trapped in The Backrooms. As Level 0 separates wanderers, I was no longer with Paulo, and he was no longer with me. Paulo was such a good friend of mine that I started crying. This was one of the first times I had ever cried. Paulo told me he cried too. After a few hours of moping around and trying to hold back tears, I eventually noclipped into Level 1 by accident. I appeared right next to Paulo, and I soon came to the realization that I was extremely dehydrated.

As soon as I saw Paulo again, I felt as if I was revitalized. I was no longer crying, and I no longer had a desire to mope around. For him, it only took a few minutes to noclip out of Level 0 and come to his senses. Not long after he escaped, he found a man wearing a white shirt with “M.E.G.” written on it, who gave him a brief guide on how to survive in Level 1. Although we now know this was merely an official of The M.E.G., Paulo thought he looked suspicious, and was hesitant to believe him. However, Paulo decided to risk it and trust him. He picked up a bottle of almond water from a crate, and immediately drank it. Although he was prepared for the worst, the almond water made him feel energized, and took away a large part of his stress. After this, he folded a shirt he found in another crate and used it to carry more bottles of almond water. By the time I noclipped in, he had nearly 10 bottles.

We soon decided that the only way to live in this reality was to do exactly what we did at home: be lunatics. We had little love for “safe” levels such as Level 1 or Level 11, we chose the dangerous ones. As a result, we soon entered Level 2, and killed almost every entity we found. We eventually got bored by Level 2, so we decided to go to Level 3. Then Level 6. Then Level 8. Perhaps uncoincidentally, we finally got defeated in Level 9, after swarms of facelings surrounded a house we were resting in. They really are aggressive towards anyone who hurts other facelings. I don't really know how long we were in there, but an M.E.G. official eventually stepped in and saved us. We were soon taken to Level 11, which both of us thought was quite boring. Although the shops and restaurants there were nice, the level just felt too… empty.

One day, we made a discovery that would change our lives forever. In an old parking garage, we found an extremely strange car. A car with no model. A car with no engine. A car that probably shouldn't have even worked. In the end, we were lunatics. We decided to attempt to drive the car, and quickly found that someone can control it with thoughts alone. As we were lunatics, we decided to take the car back to our apartment, grab some essential items, and leave. We didn't even think about the car possibly running out of gas. As soon as we got to our apartment, we took some clothes, paper, and writing utensils, put the car in autopilot mode, and left before an M.E.G. agent realized what we were doing and tried to stop us. We assumed we would just find almond water along the way.

I don't know how long the drive was exactly, but it felt like it took literal years. Actual years. We didn't even know what our goal was, just that it was “something notable or interesting”. We could have been driving for a lifetime. If there was anything good going for us, it was that the car didn't seem to run out of gas. Unfortunately, it was extremely loud and couldn't break 100 kilometers per hour. The sun constantly beating down on us made us rarely sleep. These were the worst years of my life, and probably Paulo's too. We thought about turning around multiple times, but eventually decided against it. We were so far, how long until we see something exciting? Unfortunately, that was a while.

The trip made us reconsider our lives a little. We almost decided to stop making short-sighted decisions, stop doing crazy things like this, stop being… lunatics. However, that was just who we were. We could not change. We must go onwards. When we weren't talking, sleeping, or eating, we were writing. Since we forgot to bring any electronic device to allow for communication in other parts of The Backrooms, writing was pretty much the only activity we could do. It was fun. We did it before. Since we were only high schoolers, most of the writings were terrible, but it was still enjoyable for us.[1]

Eventually, after what felt like years of driving and probably was, we saw a large red structure in the distance. I forced my foot onto the gas pedal, but the car didn't go any faster. This was the “interesting” or “exciting” thing we were looking for! The end was in sight, just a few more hours!

As soon as we got there, we made plans on what to do next. We decided to stay here for a few weeks and scout the surroundings, seeing if this structure has any strange effects on its surroundings. Maybe even climb to it? Probably not.

Now, an actual description. This “thing” resembles the Golden Gate Bridge, but it's… huge. Like, gigantic. I can't even see the other side, despite the lack of fog. It's also floating above the ground by… I'd say 1000 feet. This is strange, as it's supposed to be a bridge. The area below it is a gigantic void that has no end in sight. We may be lunatics, but neither of us is going to jump in there. That's all we know, and the structure doesn't seem to have any effects on its surroundings, aside from the usual anomalies that occur far from the center of Level 11. After staying here for a few weeks and collecting data, we plan to move on and keep going, to see what other strange structures Level 11 has. Before we leave, we'll write a second report detailing our findings.

We also wrote this biography in case we are lost forever, and nobody finds us. We hope this biography reaches someone if we don't. We will not be forgotten!
Report 2
Q. Qamar
P. Ngonda
So… Where the hell do I start?

I guess I'll start with measurements. As I said previously, this thing is massive. It took months to gather enough rocks and junk to get up there, but we eventually managed to reach it. Counting the rocks, it turns out it was even bigger than we thought. We didn't have tools to measure the exact height (Paulo tried to use a meter stick but fell and got pretty badly injured), but it was at least 2500 feet, probably closer to 3000.[2] We also measured the dimensions. Although we hesitated at first, we eventually decided to, as we had spent so long just getting up here and could literally spend the rest of our lives here if we wanted to. The width itself was… astonishing. I'm not sure how exactly to convert meters to miles, but it was at least a mile wide.[3] The sidewalk itself is ~5 meters wide, which is about 17 feet,[4] and wide enough for a regular car to fit in it. The length was absurd. It was over 100 miles long.[5] I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it.

The environment was mostly normal, other than the anomalies that occur this far away from Level 11's center. But, when we were measuring the bridge, we felt… odd. And that's to put it lightly. Every single second, we felt more like leaving and turning around. This wasn't us. We should have gotten more confident the more we got done, but, we just… didn't. We got more and more anxious. When the few months were over, and we returned to our car, we were not the same. We decided to turn around and return to Level 11's center. At the very least, we found something of note. Despite turning around, we still felt a feeling of regret. However, I don't think I could have brought myself to have gone further. It's hard to explain.

The first report, although longer, contains less useful information and is mostly an autobiography. Misplaced, anomalous stairs in empty locations (such as a high school at night) are one of the most common ways for people to enter The Backrooms. Many cars in Level 11 are known to be anomalous, but the anomaly they experienced was very rare. However, there are records of it happening before. Prior to this incident, there were 7 records of cars acting this way, and there have been 2 since this incident. Since this is one of the more harmless anomalies that occur with cars in Level 11, they are often dumped in old parking garages and are marked to avoid duplicate reports, as this is a rare event. Due to the state of the car, it is possible that it got into an accident some time before the event, and the marking was scratched off in the accident.

Them escaping their apartment was very lucky. The security guard that should've been watching them was at a café across the street drinking tea. As well, the M.E.G. staff member that was supposed to man the security cameras at Level 11's centre was, although present, had recently woken up, and did not notice the car speeding and being badly damaged until much later. When he remembered properly, he had decided it was a non-issue since it was too late anyway.

The bridge's existence raises many questions. Although Level 11 is known to contain a variety of landmarks from The Frontrooms, the bridge seems out of place even among Level 11's anomalous landmarks. Although The M.E.G. officially says that the bridge is like almost every other Frontrooms landmark spoof in Level 11, other, more extreme theories have risen. Some say that the bridge is a “glitch”, and was meant to be a part of a different level or was meant to appear differently. Some have extended this theory into saying that The Backrooms are a simulation or game, and that the bridge was a “glitch” in the game's code. The M.E.G. has been rumoured to be trying many methods towards silencing these rumors, although they have denied these accusations.

The second report is mostly just measurements. Besides the bridge not being proportional to the Golden Gate Bridge in The Frontrooms, this part of the report contains little “hidden information”. However, the second paragraph makes it seem that The Backrooms itself doesn't want people to go there, or that it doesn't want people to go beyond. Whether there was something The Backrooms didn't want wanderers to see, if The Backrooms wanted to protect wanderers from danger, or merely did this to torture wanderers is unclear. To this day, this is widely seen is the farthest anyone has ever gone from Level 11's centre. There are no other reports of people experiencing the feeling of unease far from Level 11's centre or people encountering a similar bridge, so it is also unclear if the feeling of unease is caused by the bridge or by the distance from Level 11's centre.

Less notable landmarks
Fake Empire State Building

The Fake Empire State Building is a nigh-perfect replica of the Empire State Building in The Frontrooms. Although it appears normal on the outside, it is almost impossible to travel within the building, as almost every spot within the building will noclip any wanderer who touches it. There are many levels a wanderer can be sent to, such as Level 0, Level 4, and Level 81. It is located about 150 kilometres from Level 11's centre, and was first reported on by an M.E.G. patrol in late 1930, who described the building as “under construction”. The building was not given much attention, although another patrol in 1932 reported a similar building, but finished. This patrol also discovered the unstable nature of the building, as 3 out of the 7 members of the patrol noclipped while in the building. Out of the three who noclipped, one was recovered within hours on Level 4, one was recovered after several months on Level 96. The wanderer recovered on Level 96 reported that they noclipped into Level 81 at first. Lastly, one of them has not been recovered to this day, and The M.E.G. considers them to be dead. Ever since this incident, large warning signs have been placed around every entrance to the building, and it is surrounded by barricade tape. However, this building is not seen as a large danger, so no guards are stationed there.

Since the original expedition, no known incidents of people entering the building have happened, other than a time when a wanderer walked past the building and noticed some of the barricade tape was cut. The M.E.G. assumed this was just a prank, although they did install security cameras. Ever since this incident, nothing is known to have happened, although the security cameras are rarely manned.

Clipped Sears Tower

The Clipped Sears Tower, also known as the Clipped Willis Tower, is a replica of the top of the Sears Tower/Willis Tower in the middle of a street around 10 kilometres away from Level 11's centre. It is almost completely noclipped into the ground, with only the very top of the building poking out. It is unknown where the rest of the building is, whether it is in a currently undiscovered level, or if it simply doesn't exist. The building was discovered in May 1974, when residents of flats around the landmark suddenly noticed it appeared in the street in the morning. This was in the same month the Sears Tower was completed in The Frontrooms, again giving evidence of a connection between The Backrooms and The Frontrooms.

After the sudden appearance of the landmark, many cars travelling in the area crashed. This led to The M.E.G. sectioning off the road in 1983. However, this wasn't enough to stop the crashes, as the “rolling car” event still occurred on the road, causing fires. The M.E.G. solved this issue by putting walls on the road every 3.5 metres. Unlike with the Fake Empire State Building's barricade tape, the barricade tape that sections off the road has never been broken, so The M.E.G. has not installed security cameras.

The Central Needle

The Central Needle was a perfect replica of the CN Tower that appeared in Level 11's centre in June 1976. Due to the way no-clipping works, and due to the fact that most entrances to Level 11 place wanderers in the level's centre, wanderers who noclipped into Level 11 would be at the top of the tower, and couldn't get down. This posed a major challenge for The M.E.G., as Level 11 was their main base of operations. As a result, The M.E.G. put in a large amount of resources to prevent deaths and destroy the tower, including blocking off entrances to Level 11 that placed wanderers in Level 11's centre and instructing wanderers to use safe entrances. Both The M.E.G. and The B.M.T.G. spent massive amounts of resources to get rid of the tower. By December 1976, The M.E.G. announced that Level 11 was safe to enter again as enough of the tower had been destroyed, and by 1979, it was completely gone. Like many other structures in Level 11, The Central Needle appeared at the same time it was built in real life. Some have theorized that The Backrooms intentionally placed the tower in Level 11's centre, which itself was based on the theory that The Backrooms is a malicious force.


Level 11 is mostly devoid of wildlife, however, some creatures can be found.

Backrooms creatures

Although most Backrooms entities are rare in Level 11, facelings and hounds are both common. Both of these entities are considered to be experiencing “The 11 Effect”, making them both friendly. Here, hounds act like regular dogs and facelings act like wanderers. Many facelings have integrated with wanderer societies like The M.E.G. and hounds are known to play with the few dogs on this level. Strangely, facelings that leave the level still have “The 11 Effect”, while hounds that leave do not. The reason for this is unclear.

Other Backrooms entities are present, although much rarer. Most common entities, such as windows, clumps, dullers, bursters, anethikas, camo crawlers, and lighters are not known to be present in this level. Insanities are also not present, as insanitation cannot occur on Level 11. Jerry also does not visit Level 11, and The F.O.J. tends to speak negatively of Level 11, sometimes even describing it as “toxic”. As such, many think Level 11 is toxic to Jerry in some way, even though he cannot be killed. Blossoming eyes and skin-stealers are not known to be present here, but there are rumours of encounters on this level. However, there are some other entities confirmed to be on Level 11. Smilers are the only hostile entity on this level and also one of the rarest, residing in dark buildings and becoming more common the further from the centre one is. They are usually shy and docile, as they do not like the permanent sunlight of Level 11. Deathmoths also reside in decaying buildings in Level 11, although they are very weak and their colonies are destroyed easily. Females here do not spit acid. Much like smilers, they are rather rare, although not as rare as smilers. Perhaps the most common entity in Level 11, death rats that resemble sewer rats reside in alleyways and sewers in large numbers. These death rats may attack wanderers, although they do not carry many diseases, unlike sewer rats in The Frontrooms.

One of the most overlooked entities in Level 11 is the crawler fungus, which infects local arthropods. However, these arthropods are significantly weakened by the infection, causing them to die from direct exposure to sunlight in only a few minutes. This severely inhibits the spread of the crawler fungus, leading to it being very rare. Lastly, the rarest entity in Level 11 is Elevators. The closest elevator was found 526 kilometres away from Level 11's centre, and only around 58 have ever been found. Since Level 11 is the only quantum-stable level where elevators are found, and they are only found in the more unstable regions far from the level's centre, it is possible they exist from a “leak” that makes Level 11 only partially quantum-stable. Elevators on Level 11 are also known to behave erratically, from violently shaking, taking wanderers to the wrong level, or even flipping upside down. Due to this, The M.E.G. highly recommends to not ride elevators in Level 11.

Frontrooms creatures

Unlike many other levels, creatures from The Frontrooms are nearly as abundant as creatures from The Backrooms. City fauna is common in Level 11, such as pigeons (including the extinct passenger pigeon), raccoons, foxes, coyotes, opossums, skunks, and, very rarely, deer. These creatures are very rarely noticed as they are almost completely silent. The fauna in Level 11 has also evolved to have a different sleep cycle, staying awake for 36 hours and sleeping for 12 hours. Since they usually go unnoticed, some people say that they are far more numerous than most scientists believe.

Wanderers in Level 11 also frequently own pets. Most of these pets are imported from Level 81, although some Backrooms creatures (such as hounds) are also kept as pets, albeit more rarely. The variety of pets is similar to the variety of pets in The Frontrooms, with dogs, cats, hamsters, and rabbits being the most common. Due to the lack of laws against it, owning exotic pets is much more common in The Backrooms. Although usual exotic pets (such as gerbils and chinchillas) are owned by Level 11 residents, most exotic pets in Level 11 are illegal in many countries in The Frontrooms. Pets such as lemurs, African wild dogs, and even lions are all owned by a variety of Level 11 residents.

Colonies and Outposts

As of 2024, Level 11 is dominated by The M.E.G. Before The M.E.G. arrived, there were a variety of groups of facelings on the level.

M.E.G. base “Main”

M.E.G. base “Main” is a base founded by The Backrooms Colonists in 1756. It has been the main base of The M.E.G. ever since the group's creation in 1907 and was the main base of The Backrooms Colonists except from 1739-1756. The M.E.G. claims that the base controls all of Level 11 and is currently the only known base on Level 11. The M.E.G. claims the base's population is around 1,500,000, although, a leak of The M.E.G.'s database by unknown hackers in 2014 reveals that the amount of M.E.G. members in Level 11 was just shy of 200,000. Most groups not affiliated with The M.E.G. place the base's population somewhere between 200,000 and 225,000, with the population steadily increasing by a few thousand yearly.


The Backrooms Colonists reached Level 11 in 1756, having previously had their main base in an obscure region of Level 5. At this time, no wanderers lived on the level, and it was inhabited only by groups of facelings. If the facelings in the level worked together, they could have easily wiped out The Backrooms Colonists. However, the two largest faceling groups in the level, The City Dwellers and The Alleyway, were at war. Although The Alleyway was winning in the beginning, the City Dwellers eventually managed to turn the tides, and by the time The Backrooms Colonists arrived, The Alleyway was almost wiped out. However, the support of The Backrooms Colonists and their weapons turned the tide, leading to The Alleyway securing a pyrrhic victory and wiping out The City Dwellers. However, most of The Alleyway's men were killed, leading to The Backrooms Colonists taking over their group. In the following decades, The Backrooms Colonists assimilated many faceling groups. Most of these groups are still autonomous to this day, and membership has seen a rise in recent years.

Following the assimilation, The Backrooms Colonists built most of Level 11's current infrastructure, including many famous buildings, Wi-Fi cables, flats, and more. This led to The Backrooms Colonists developing a reputation of being egomaniacs who spy on those who live in their outposts. To this day, there is a significantly higher amount of surveillance on outposts originally controlled by The Backrooms Colonists than on outposts originally controlled by The Lost.

When The Lost and The Backrooms Colonists merged into The M.E.G., the outpost in Level 11 was still mainly used by The Backrooms Colonists, while The Lost used the M.E.G. base in Level 2. The M.E.G. has, however, become more centralized since then, and almost the entire governing body is located in Level 11. There are still some trends between the different M.E.G. bases.

Old faceling bases

Although none of these are around today, before the arrival of The Backrooms Colonists, the level was populated by facelings exclusively. Their numbers were not as large as nowadays, but a variety of faceling groups existed.

The Alleyway

The oldest and largest group on the level for a while, The Alleyway was founded by a group of around 12 facelings in the mid-600s. Today, these facelings are known as “The Founders”. As their name suggests, the group's outposts were in alleyways, where they kept death rats as pets, unlike the rest of Level 11's facelings, which mostly had pet hounds. Although a niche group when they were founded, they were the largest group among facelings living by Level 11's centre by the year 1000, and they influenced much of Level 11's current culture. In 1403, a group of separatists broke away and founded The City Dwellers. This split led to the group becoming more militaristic, and cultural innovation largely died down. The two groups were at war for the better part of the next 300 years, with The City Dwellers winning most of them.

The City Dwellers

By the time of The Backrooms Colonists's arrival, The City Dwellers were the largest faceling group on Level 11. They were formed in 1403 when a group of young facelings decided to leave the alleyways and move into a nearby flat. After several months, the facelings realized they could not sustain their outpost as their food supply was dwindling, so they attacked The Alleyway. Despite The Alleyway massively outnumbering them, they lost the battle due to their army being unmotivated and lacking weapons. These raids and brief conflicts quickly escalated into full-blown wars, with supporters of The Alleyway initially calling them “City Dwellers” derogatorily, although they eventually adopted the name. These wars were mostly won by The City Dwellers, eventually attracting enough facelings to make the group larger than The Alleyway. The group was more militaristic and provided little cultural innovation, and their legacy is mostly forgotten nowadays, but some people sympathize with them. During the early days of The Backrooms Colonists, it was common for people to blame adverse events on The City Dwellers.

A Taste of Home

Although the group never had an official name, it is commonly known as either “The Kitchen” or “A Taste of Home”. This group operated several restaurants around the level, and, to this day, is one of the largest autonomous faceling groups in Level 11 as of 2024. The group was formed during the so-called Faceling Golden Age in the mid-1200s. A group of chefs working for The Alleyway decided that the alleys were not big enough for their culinary projects, and so moved on to actual kitchens. Although many members of The Alleyway protested at first, A Taste of Home and The Alleyway soon became close allies, and A Taste of Home frequently delivered food to them from the restocking shelves in their restaurants.

This group faced major difficulties when the wars between The Alleyway and The City Dwellers started to ramp up. This made it impossible for them to deliver food to one side without attracting the ire of the other. Although some suggested that their food be delivered discretely, they eventually decided to stop delivering food and create a sustainable restaurant chain. Many facelings at the time saw them as “the last remnant of the Golden Age”, and their food was an escape for many people. Their recipes influenced Level 11's culture arguably just as much as those of The Alleyway, and most restaurants on Level 11 still follow their model.

The group joined forces with The Backrooms Colonists not long after they arrived. To this day, they are an autonomous group with The M.E.G. By the time of their shutdown, they owned around 30 restaurants, most of which are still operated in 2024.

The Faceling Band

The Faceling Band was a group of facelings dedicated to spying on other groups and selling that information. They had a reputation among facelings of being highly skilled spies, who could collect information on almost anyone as long as you could give them items they wanted. They were founded in 1567 as a branch of The City Dwellers, although they eventually split and became a non-aligned group. Furthermore, they were bought by The Backrooms Colonists not long after they arrived at the level. Although their skills were utilized by them during their early years, the death of many of the group's original members led to it getting dissolved in the late 1800s, with their last expedition being in 1874.

The Junkies

An almost unknown group whose history is completely censored by The M.E.G., The Junkies were a group of facelings that spent all of their time indulging in addictive substances. There were around 12 of them, and they were supplied by The B.M.T.G. They lived near the exit to Level 10 to be able to reach The B.M.T.G. more easily. It is unclear when they were created, with some saying they only existed for a few years and others saying they were “as old as the level itself”. The group met its end around 1760, when police forces of The Backrooms Colonists found them. They asked them if they were members of The City Dwellers. When they didn't reply, the police began to search their belongings, realizing that they had large amounts of addictive substances. Since The Backrooms Colonists did not have that strong of a grip over the level, the police fired at the group, killing all members in around 10 seconds. Nowadays, it is assumed that the police were intoxicated.


Level 11's discovery is, to this day, a mystery. Facelings have assumed to have inhabited the level for at least a few thousand years, and the first group consisting of wanderers that stayed here were The Backrooms Colonists. However, it is highly unlikely that The Backrooms Colonists were the first wanderers on Level 11, or even the first wanderer base on Level 11. Any knowledge of a “first base” is gone. However, facelings on the level were speaking a language that has been described as “somewhat similar to English” by the time The Backrooms Colonists arrived, suggesting a group of wanderers that spoke Old English arrived at Level 11 at some point. This faceling language is now known as “Faceling Creole”, and is almost extinct in Level 11, but it is still spoken by some facelings and even a few wanderers as a second language.

Entrances and exits


Level 11 has entrances from many levels. All of these entrances lead to the level's centre unless otherwise specified. Noclipping in some uninhabited villages or entering certain barns in Level 10 will lead you to Level 11. An inclining stairwell that resembles the rest of Level 3 in Level 3 will lead to Level 11. Leaving Level 13 through the bronze doors in the front will lead to one of 13 hotels near the level's centre. Level 11 is thought to have an intrinsic connection to Level 15, and entering sliding glass doors in Level 15 will result in entry to Level 11 in front of a food court building. Attempting to enter the deck of Level 17 will lead to Level 11. Exiting a revolving door that appears to lead to a city in Level 40 will lead to this level. Punching a window in the 2020s section of Level 61 will lead here. Lastly, breaking the floor of Level 19 will cause wanderers to fall into an office building in Level 11.


As Level 11 is the last quantum-stable level, it has exits to every other quantum-stable level. Going into a basement that looks like Level 0 or Level 1 will lead you to the respective level. Noclipping into an oddly placed pipe will take one to Level 2. Walking down specific sets of stairs takes wanderers to Level 3. Noclipping in an office will result in entry to Level 4. However, many offices in the level has guards against this to prevent workers from escaping. Being crushed by a chandelier will result in wanderers being taken to Level 5. Staying for too long in a dark section of the level will lead a wanderer to Level 6. Drowning oneself in very specific tanks of water will lead to Level 7. Attempting to break through a street will result in falling into Level 8. Noclipping in oddly small houses will lead to Level 9. Lastly, walking down streets with an excessive amount of vegetation will eventually lead to the streets slowly fading in to Level 10.

Outside quantum-stable levels, portals can take one to Level 12, and entering old flats has a small chance to lead to Level 13. Entering a restaurant will always lead you to Level 15. Unlike many of these entrances, this one didn't seem to work until the mid-1800s. Entering a retro-looking radio station further than a few hundred kilometres from Level 11's centre will lead to Level 46. Climbing up an oddly-placed ladder that seems to go on forever will lead to Level 97. Entering certain buildings that make wanderers tired when near them and emit a crimson glow lead to Level 92. Entering a store labelled “Alom Wotor” will lead to Level 119. Buying train tickets from a store and then exiting the store will take the wanderer who purchased the train tickets to a random section of Level 61, as long as it's newer than the 1940s-1950s section. Entering an arcade may lead to Level 40. Noclipping in a 1930s-style hotel will lead to Level 171. These hotels usually have only one room. Lastly, noclipping through the front window of a sushi shop will lead to Level 404.


  1. The literature they supposedly wrote is currently lost, and the two have no explanation for why.
  2. For context, the Golden Gate Bridge in The Frontrooms is around 220 feet / 67 metres tall.
  3. For context, the Golden Gate Bridge in The Frontrooms is around 90 feet / 27 metres wide.
  4. For context, the Golden Gate Bridge in The Frontrooms has a sidewalk width of around 10 feet / 3 metres.
  5. For context, the Golden Gate Bridge in The Frontrooms is around 1.7 miles / 2.7 kilometres long.