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Level 10

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Survival Difficulty:            Class 1
》Minimal Entity Count

A rice field in Level 10. Taken in 1992.

Level 10 is the eleventh positive level of The Backrooms.


A barn in Level 10, taken in the 1930s.

Level 10 is the eleventh positive level of The Backrooms. It is an endless rice field, with occasional villages and trees. The rice here is around average size, although the trees are rather small. Most villages contain barns, which usually are empty and have dirt floors, as well as various items inside, such as wheat or rice, which is grown here, as well as building supplies, such as wood or nails. Entities are also sometimes found inside these barns, albeit rarely.

The soil is also very fertile besides being waterlogged, resulting in rice dominating the landscape. Some parts of the soil do have hydrophobic properties, allowing trees to occasionally grow, and villages to develop. The trees in Level 10 are mostly normal, although they have evolved to withstand the extra water. Trees documented here include oak trees, fir trees, spruce trees, and, very rarely, mangrove trees. There are rumours of birch trees, as well.

The rice is sectioned off, and typically has walkways between them. These walkways are of slightly higher elevation, and have drier, less fertile soil. Walkways with fertile soil usually end up growing trees.

Malt Town

A barn in Malt Town.

Although an outpost exists here, Malt Town itself is not man-made, and has seemingly always existed. Malt Town is widely considered the most advanced of the many villages on Level 10. It has proper dirt roads, which are commonly driven on by the tractors found all over Malt Town. For barns, they are far more advanced, with some having electricity, proper lighting, and Wi-Fi. They function more like houses than barns, and typically have beds, bathrooms, kitchens, closets, and sinks, all within one room.

The land around Malt Town is more fertile than the rest of Level 10, and as such, has been able to grow more plants, such as wheat, carrots, and many others. The extensive wheat fields surrounding Malt Town have given Level 10 the nickname “Field of Wheat”, even though wheat is rarely grown in Level 10. Malt Town is also surrounded by a large forest to the north, containing mostly conifer trees. Entering this forest will lead to Level 10.1.

Malt Town, unlike the rest of Level 10, is completely devoid of entities, except in the forest. Entities actually seem to be afraid of Malt Town, for the matter.


A lake in Level 10.

Level 10 is a very wet level, leading to its rice domination. The soil's drainage is also very poor, which leads to water collecting in small lakes. The water in these lakes is safe to drink, although it has been reported to taste very “earthy”. However, the water in these lakes is incompatible with life, due to being too oxygenated for bacteria to grow.

Environmental composition

Level 10 is permanently stuck in daytime with an overcast sky. This makes it possible for wanderers to navigate the level, but also possible for them to sleep at night. The level is generally not very bright or dark, and is around 17 °C constantly, making it perfect for life.


The worms of Level 10.

Level 10 is nearly devoid of entities, however some may be found.

Regular Backrooms entities are found here, although not commonly. Windows may appear in old barns, as well as smilers, deathmoths, and, very rarely, clumps. In towns, death rats are commonly seen roaming. A very small amount of towns are populated by facelings. These facelings may sometimes experience “The 11 Effect”, although, unlike Level 11, some are normal.

The soil of Level 10 seems to be infested with worms. Merely digging a few inches in the right spot can cause a small sinkhole to form. However, these worms, much like earthworms in real life, are vital to the environment. One can avoid causing a sinkhole by listening to the soil. These worms do not appear to be very different from real-life earthworms, and are considered to be in the same genus, if not the same species.

Despite appearing similar to regular earthworms as well as being genetically similar, these worms are, like many things in The Backrooms, enigmatic. Firstly, they infest the soil in so many places that it would be impossible for them to reproduce normally. Secondly, the worms are outwardly aggressive towards wanderers, tearing their clothes, and biting into their skin, making them more like leeches than earthworms. While some think the worms are connected to The High Queen, since they are both annelids, there is not much proof for this hypothesis.

The origin of these earthworms is hard to determine, but The M.E.G. believes they originate from multiple well-like “hot spots” underground. These worms appear to lack any way to reproduce, as well. These supposed “wells” have never been reached, although The M.E.G. believes they would be hundreds of metres below the surface. Beyond the “hot spots”, one would fall into another level.


Main article: Entity 21

Gluffs are chubby, short, humanoid entities that wander the fields of Level 10. They are almost constantly sweating, and walk very slowly. There are some puddles found in the fields due to gluffs, and they are very friendly. They seem to have anti-gravitational properties, as they fall very slowly. They are commonly seen playing with children, whether they are wanderers or facelings. Not only that, but they eat the rice in the fields, and they lack self-control, leading to their weight.

If one attempts to attack a gluff, the gluff will begin to cry almost instantly. These cries are able to bring even the most strong-willed wanderers to their knees due to sadness. Many wanderers become hikikomori after these incidents, and some even commit suicide.

Colonies and Outposts

Since B.M.T.G. paramilitaries patrol the level nearly constantly and actively crack down on new bases, Level 10 is largely seen as a bad place for setting up.

Malt Town (outpost)

Not to be confused with the structure of the same name, Malt Town is a small town of around 6,000 people that live around Malt Town. It has existed since at least the 900s, and is very isolationist. While they commonly let new wanderers in, most who enter never choose to leave, although are allowed to. Their society is very collectivist, and most are expected to “do their part” by working on the farms. Some officials of The M.E.G. visiting Malt Town describe their lifestyle as “idyllic”. Due to Malt Town's already advanced infrastructure, they did not have to build much, and their society is largely agrarian.


Early History

The Malt Town outpost was founded in the mid 900s by a group of poorly-educated rice farmers that worked in modern-day Shaanxi before noclipping into The Backrooms. The outpost was isolated for the first 250 years of its existence. Early reports from The Lost in the mid 1200s report that there were around “400 inhabitants”, and that they were illiterate but spoke an “eastern language”. This “eastern language” was likely Jin Chinese, and the official that recorded this likely had minimal knowledge of China. As well, them being “illiterate” could also be attributed to the reporter not recognizing Chinese characters, and thinking they were something else.

B.M.T.G. Era

After this encounter, Malt Town's outpost was again isolated. Some members of The B.M.T.G. were able to understand Jin, and as such, traded with Malt Town's outpost. The Malt Town outpost and The B.M.T.G. became close allies, and the outpost is widely seen as The B.M.T.G.'s first trading partner. However, at this point in time, The B.M.T.G. were isolationist in their own right, and probably had Malt Town's outpost as their only trade partner. This period was also marked by major technological advancement. For the first time, modern weapons such as rifles were introduced, as well as more advanced farming techniques. The B.M.T.G. also electrified their own outpost, using technology from Malt Town.

Whether the outpost learned how to write during this time is unclear. Since The B.M.T.G.'s founding members were all slaves, it is unlikely that they were literate, however, it is possible. The B.M.T.G.'s language, known as “Mercantile Creole”, does have a written form, combining parts of Somali, English, as well as, strangely, various Chinese languages. It is unclear whether some members of The B.M.T.G. were literate and taught everyone the language, or it was invented. Either way, due to some parts of Chinese being in the language's script, it can be assumed that Malt Town's inhabitants were able to write. On the other hand, The B.M.T.G. often says that their founding members were “highly educated”, and spoke “various languages”. If this is true, it is very possible that some B.M.T.G. members were able to write in Jin or a similar language, which is how writing was introduced to Malt Town's inhabitants.

Modern Era

Once The B.M.T.G. was forced to submit to The M.E.G., Malt Town's outpost continued to develop. The B.M.T.G. was still their biggest trade partner, and the outpost became more open to outsiders. The outpost has avoided any war, and has been seen as a "good place to retire to". As of 2024, Malt Town has a thriving community of around 6,000 people from all over the world, a primary school, secondary school, high school, and a college, as well as a post office, Wi-Fi, electricity, running water, and a good food supply. In The Backrooms, it is commonly seen as the closest thing to paradise.

B.M.T.G. Main Outpost

Although The B.M.T.G. was founded in the late 1600s, their main outpost on Level 10 was founded several decades later. As of 2024, it has a population of around 12,000 people, 1,400 of which are B.M.T.G. employees, 10,000 of which are paramilitaries, and 600 of which are visitors from The M.E.G. and other groups. The 400 employees all work harvesting rice and selling it to other groups, mainly The M.E.G., for payment in items, mostly almond water.

Although agreements with The M.E.G. do not allow The B.M.T.G. to have a standing army, they get around this restriction by using paramilitaries. These paramilitaries are well-trained and well-equipped, mostly with items such as squirt guns. These paramilitaries are highly aggressive and will hunt down anyone attempting to set up an outpost or steal. However, The M.E.G. doesn't stop them, since they also hunt down M.E.G. outlaws.


Prior to 1719, the main outpost of The B.M.T.G. was in Level 1. This was not a good place for an outpost, since Level 1 was largely devoid of natural resources except those found in crates. However, The B.M.T.G. eventually heard of Level 10, and instantly began to begin to move there. By 1723, the move was finished, and The B.M.T.G. had set up in an old, dilapidated town, around 23 kilometres from Malt Town. The B.M.T.G. was quick to improve this town, and, in 1736, signed a trade agreement with Malt Town's outpost. This allowed them to electrify the city, and provide Wi-Fi. By this point, the outpost was closed to outsiders.

Forced opening of the outpost

In 1854, The Backrooms Colonists showed up at The B.M.T.G.'s main outpost, causing mass panic. In this panic, one of the few English-speaking members of The B.M.T.G. was forced to sign an “unequal treaty” proposed to them by The Backrooms Colonists. The treaty forced The B.M.T.G. to trade with The Backrooms Colonists and supply them with goods, and prevented them from having a proper standing army, in exchange for “protection”. Due to quick communication between Level 11 and Level 10, The B.M.T.G. was able to quickly notify The Backrooms Colonists that they had ratified the treaty. The Backrooms Colonists stated that it would go into effect on January 1st, 1855.

Although The B.M.T.G. initially didn't like the treaty, some outpost members thought it actually benefited them, as it gave them a guaranteed trade partner as well as protection. Although Malt Town's outpost saw them with suspicion at this point, they eventually restored relations. Opposition to the treaty had died down by the mid-1860s.

Revival of The B.M.T.G.

Despite being very closely intertwined with The Backrooms Colonists due to the treaty, The B.M.T.G. had not expanded. However, when The M.E.G. was founded in 1905, this changed. The treaty was still in effect when The M.E.G. was founded. Due to The Lost and [[The Backrooms Colonists combining their trade routes, they were much larger, and The B.M.T.G. was quick to follow them and set up outposts in Level 2 and Level 4. They also returned to their old outpost in Level 1. This somewhat depleted their outpost on Level 10, with the population going from over 600 permanent residents to around 350. However, their Level 10 outpost was still their largest.

Formation of The Mercantile Legion

When The M.E.G. invaded non-quantum-stable levels in 1931, they soon realized they didn't have enough men, and so turned to The B.M.T.G. to help them. This resulted in the formation of The Mercantile Legion, which was formed mostly out of men from The B.M.T.G.'s Level 10 outpost. There were only around 200 men, although The B.M.T.G.'s advanced technology made them into a formidable force, winning many battles in the war.

When it became clear that the war was a lost cause, The Mercantile Legion retreated home to the Level 10 outpost. The M.E.G. was mostly powerless to stop this. After the end of the war, The B.M.T.G. got around the restrictions placed on them by establishing The Mercantile Legion as a separate colony. However, it was completely loyal to The B.M.T.G. This was only the start of rebellious and corrupt behaviour for The B.M.T.G.

As of 2024, there are exactly 10,000 members in The Mercantile Legion, which are all highly-trained and well-armed. Many say that the army is so professional, if they were to go against The M.E.G., it would be a pyrrhic victory at best and a defeat at worst.

The army's strength has allowed them to get away with committing various atrocities. Almost all outposts that try to set up in Level 10 do not make it very far, as The Legion either kills outpost members, illegally sells them into slavery, or does things that are even worse. These events have led to a very small condemnation from The M.E.G. in 1987, although it was withdrawn after The Legion committed a variety of atrocities to an M.E.G. caravan passing through Level 10. This has allowed The Legion to roam freely, and they will attack almost anyone not associated with The B.M.T.G., The M.E.G., or Malt Town's outpost. This has made Level 10 somewhat unsafe, although those who protest generally don't live that long after their protest is discovered.

Expeditions from The Backrooms Colonists

While The Lost saw Level 10 as “dreary”, “boring”, or “dead”, and they sent only a single expedition there, an ally of The Lost, The Backrooms Colonists, sent various missions to Level 10.

First Expedition

In 1848, The Backrooms Colonists decided to make plans to send an expedition to Level 10. The first expedition was led by an official of The Backrooms Colonists named Henry Arthur, as well as 5 other people. After collecting almond water from gluffs on the level, he made his way towards Malt Town. Since his men thought Malt Town would either be uninhabited or otherwise have very few people, he tried to set up an outpost there, and stay there until they go home. However, he was attacked by a small band of Malt Town's police, followed shortly after by the whole town. Henry Arthur did not survive the experience, nor did any of his men. However, one of Arthur's men was recording, and as such, an audio recording is available.


[Start log]

[Foot sounds can be heard]

Unknown: I knew there were towns on this level, but this one is [short pause] very different.

Henry Arthur: There are also a lot of gluffs around the area. We should probably set up here to rest.

Unknown (presumably named “Daniel”): I'm going to go in one of the houses. It looks safe there, the lights are even on.

Henry Arthur: No, Daniel, do not. There are probably entities in these houses. It's too good to be true.

[Several minutes of silence. Beds are being set up.]

Henry Arthur: Goodnight, everyone. We should probably explore more tomorrow, but, be careful. We are a band of 6 men, and we will be ill-prepared to fight.

Everyone else: Goodnight!

[6 hours of silence. They are presumably sleeping.]

Unknown Malt Town resident, presumably a militia leader: [Speaking Jin Chinese] Fire! They are invading our land!

[The expedition wakes up.]

Unknown: No, we were coming in peace!

Unknown Malt Town militiaman: [Speaking Jin Chinese] What? You don't speak our language, so you are not welcome here! You stole our land!

[Windows fling open. A baby is crying in the distance, and someone is screaming. People are calling for reinforcements.]

[Gunshots. A member of the expedition presumably picks up his rifle and shoots the leader of the militia.]

[A loud thump can be heard. Whoever was shot presumably fell over.]

Unknown Malt Town Militiaman: [Speaking Jin Chinese] Call for reinforcements! These people clearly don't come in peace!


[Around 10 seconds of silence.]

Henry Arthur: Good morning, everyone. Got your rifles?

Everyone: [nervously] Yes, sir!

Henry Arthur: I apologize to everyone for the abrupt wake-up. We need to get out of here. It appears they're speaking some form of Chinese. Can anyone here speak Chinese?

Everyone: No.

Henry Arthur: We need to retreat.


Unknown: Oh shi-

[Running stops.]

Henry Arthur: We need to leave!

Unknown: [In Jin Chinese] Leave our [inaudible] leaders will know fear!



[Screaming and penetration noises]

Unknown: Goo-

[End log]


At the beginning of the log, the expedition is presumably entering Malt Town. Although the expedition left around a week earlier, it is probable that they only got to Level 10 recently, since Henry Arthur states that "they'll explore tomorrow". The expedition sleeps for 6 hours. It is unclear whether the expedition is being watched. The time they are sleeping is eerily quiet. The police were likely just patrolling the area, and happened to encounter them. After yelling, the windows flew open. This lets us know that Malt Town was probably asleep at this time, and the police woke them up. They were also likely unprepared and disorganized, as they seemingly fled the instant their leader was shot. However, it is also shown that the Malt Town police are ferocious and great in number. To summarize:

  • Malt Town's population has a sleep schedule, despite the fact that there is always an overcast sky.
  • Malt Town's outpost acts hostile towards trespassers.
  • Malt Town's police are well-armed and large.
  • Malt Town inhabitants were probably unable to understand English at this time.

Second Expedition

Despite the failure of the first expedition, The Backrooms Colonists were unwilling to give up. Chinese members of The Backrooms Colonists were eager to help translate the audio. This translation exposed The Backrooms Colonists to Malt Town's outpost for the first time. At first, members of the group were unsure of how to handle the situation. While some advocated for an outright invasion, most members wanted to peacefully approach the group, to make sure future expeditions went smoothly, and that the group didn't become hostile towards The Backrooms Colonists. In the end, the group went with the latter.

On November 3rd, 1854, around 120 people, including over 30 speakers of Jin Chinese, departed from The Backrooms Colonists Level 11 outpost, and began to head towards Level 10. According to the report published by the group leader, Hsiao Zhongwu, the outpost was on high alert, and was very cautionary about letting the expedition in. They did, however, after extensive negotiations, let them in, where expedition members greeted local townspeople, and also delivered gifts, as well as receiving some themselves. As Hsiao states, the meeting “largely eased tensions between the two groups”, and “future relations will likely be much more friendly”. The Backrooms Colonists also acquired vital technological information, mostly involving squirt guns and Wi-Fi. He was awarded for his efforts.

After the Malt Town visit, the expedition planned to go back home, although they got turned around, and, after around 2 hours of walking, they reached The B.M.T.G.'s outpost. The arrival almost immediately caused a panic in the outpost. Hsiao and other expedition leaders were quick to notice that nobody at the outpost was armed. Although some junior officers wanted to raze the outpost, Hsiao argued against it. Instead, Hsiao wanted to negotiate.

What happened after this was unclear, although an English-speaking B.M.T.G. member presumably came out and negotiated terms. The official from The Backrooms Colonists involved in the agreement was named Thomas Tall. The official from The B.M.T.G. refused to sign his name. Hsiao approved the agreement soon after it was shown to him.

The terms were as follows:

Although Hsiao was initially reluctant about these terms, he eventually accepted, since the only alternative would probably be to wipe the outpost out. Despite the deal being very unfavourable to The B.M.T.G., they accepted it, since they thought refusal would lead to their outpost being wiped out.

After this encounter with The B.M.T.G., four of their members joined the expedition, and they turned around and started heading home. After sleeping at the B.M.T.G. outpost, they reached the base of The Backrooms Colonists on Level 11 after around 4 hours, on November 17th, 1854. Hsiao published a report, and was awarded.

The four B.M.T.G. members stayed in Level 11. As for their deaths, one was executed for a failed bombing of a nearby flat. One died in 1933 as a result of The Mountain Man War, and the other two died in 1937 after their flats were blown up by The Mountain Man Coalition.


Level 10 has been known to wanderers since at least the 900s, although it is possible it was discovered before this event.

Entrances and exits


Walking into a wheat field in Level 9 will send you to Level 10. As well, noclipping in a greenhouse or eating rice raw in Level 11 will send you here. One can enter this level from Level 10.1 by walking back the way they came, although this only works if one entered the level from Level 10. Attempting to walk outside in certain parts of Level 5 will result in entry to this level. Lastly, punching a train car's window in the 2010s section of Level 61 will lead to Level 10.


Walking into the forest to the north of Malt Town will send you to Level 10.1. Noclipping in some uninhabited villages or entering certain barns will lead one to Level 11. Walking into a section of dirt that appears oversaturated and is either blue, green, or yellow will cause one to fall into Level 283. Walking into a field with a red glow will send one to Level 9. Digging far enough into the ground will supposedly lead to The Hive, although this is unconfirmed as it has never been done.