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Entity 81
Entity Class:            Class 1D
》Friendly towards wanderers

The outside of an elevator in Level 1, taken at an unknown date. Note the black rust outlining it.

Elevators are a small amount of elevators in The Backrooms which have become sentient and are able to transport wanderers between levels, but cannot do much else.


Elevators are a small group of sentient elevators. Although much less common, they have a wider distribution than regular elevators.


Elevator entities often times appear identical to regular elevators, but around 30% have a layer of black rust surrounding them. While the style of elevator entities varies widely, they always look like an elevator, have metal walls and a weak roof that can be easily pushed open, and a black floor with circles. The style of the interior is mostly random, but the style of the exterior conforms to whatever level the elevator has been found in. They also always have buttons, usually on a black panel, but they are sometimes attached to the wall or even floating. These buttons are labelled, corresponding to the level they will lead one to. They typically lead to levels 1-11, but it is sometimes completely random. In rare cases, elevators have hundreds of buttons, allowing access to almost any level. However, elevators cannot transfer wanderers between clusters, including taking people from negative levels to positive levels and vice versa. Transport from secret levels to normal levels is also impossible. There is light inside elevators from an unclear source.

Elevators are divided into two “subspecies” based on their screen. Subspecies 1 has a screen that resembles a computer monitor, and can hold hundreds of characters. About 95% of elevators are subspecies 1. Subspecies 2 has a screen that can only fit 2 characters, and it makes up about 5% of elevators. Despite subspecies 2 being more primitive, it is likely that subspecies 1 evolved first. The screen on elevators is above the exit door.

Social behaviours

Although elevators are unable to communicate via language, they will use their screen to communicate with wanderers. However, they are only able to communicate positive or negative emotions, and cannot hold conversations. These messages also do not change if a wanderer is nearby, except for minor changes and to display situational phrases.

Subspecies 1

Subspecies 1 positive messages

Subspecies 1 displays positive messages over 90% of the time, and is generally friendly towards wanderers. Text in parentheses is not part of the message unless stated otherwise.

  • Hello! (The ! is not always there, and there is occasionally an ASCII smiley face after, with it being either =), :), :D, or =D. =) and :) are the most common.)
  • Going up?
  • Going down?
  • Where to? (Occasionally has text after it that says “How about <level name>?”)
  • Have fun (Sometimes has a ! after it)
  • Have a nice day (Sometimes followed by an !. If the ! is present, it may be followed by an ASCII smiley face, much like the “Hello!” message.)
  • Welcome to <level name>, <name of wanderer>! (! is sometimes absent, as is the level name and the wanderer's name, although they are never missing simultaneously. The name of the level is occasionally replaced with “your doom”, although this is not a cause for concern. Oddly, this message shows up even before the wanderer presses a button, and will change the instant a wanderer chooses a level. Like the messages “Hello!” and “Have a nice day”, there is an occasional ASCII smiley face after the !, if it is present.)
  • Are you an angel? (? is very rarely missing)
  • Look mom, I'm on a date with an angel! (A comma is occasionally found between the words “look” and “mom”, and the comma after “mom” is replaced with an !. The amount of o's in the words “mom”, and “on”, as well as the amount of a's in the words “date” and “angel” are sometimes increased, with rare occurrences being all 4 having extra vowels.)
  • Hi <name of wanderer>! (Like many other messages, the ! is occasionally absent. The “hi” is sometimes replaced with “hello”, and the wanderer's name may be absent.)
Subspecies 1 negative messages

Subspecies 1 rarely displays negative messages, and the appearance of these messages is usually triggered by a wanderer punching it. However, these are also random events.

  • Endless green pastures (Occasionally followed by …are you an angel?, with the ? sometimes missing)
  • Come in and watch the sunset (Occasionally followed by a variable amount of periods)
  • <name of wanderer> (Sometimes followed by a period, and sometimes preceded by “I know you,”)
  • I'm different (Sometimes followed by a period. This one is typically due to a random event, and not a wanderer punching the elevator)
  • I can see you (Occasionally followed by a variable amount of periods)
  • Wanna learn about the numbers? (“Wanna” is occasionally replaced with “want to”, and the ? is sometimes missing)

Subspecies 2

Subspecies 2 is only able to display positive messages. While they can display any message as long as it consists of two capital letters, these are the most common.

  • H I
  • O H
  • M Y
  • N O
  • Y E
  • T O
  • Y N
  • <The first and last initials of the wanderer's name. If the wanderer has multiple surnames, then the initial of the first surname is used.>
  • B R
  • W T

Situational phrases

Situational phrases can only be said by subspecies 1, and will lead to the elevator falling if proper action is not taken by the wanderer riding in the elevator. These phrases are displayed at random, cannot be prevented, and always happen when the elevator is travelling, so that a wanderer cannot merely escape.

    • The elevator will feel as if it is rapidly falling, but it is not. Simply lay down on the ground and spread out your arms and legs, waiting for it to stop. This message will only happen if there is one wanderer inside the elevator.
    • You will experience a pleasant smell, usually of flowers, but this smell may be of something else, such as vanilla or perfume. Hold your nose and start breathing deeply from your mouth until the elevator reaches its destination. None of the survivors of this event have managed to actually measure the oxygen levels to see if they are decreasing.
  • <The elevator screen will start glitching out, and will make loud computer noises at random>
    • The elevator will start shaking rapidly. Do whatever you can to cover your neck, as tiles from the roof will fall. The elevator will not actually fall if the riding wanderer fails to take this action, but they will likely end up being severely injured. No elevators have ever been entered in this damaged state, leading many to think elevators either repair themselves or die shortly after delivering a wanderer to their destination.

Miscellaneous messages

These messages have only been documented once in elevators of subspecies 1. All of these messages have been positive, and the wanderers in the elevators arrived to their destination safely by just standing there.

  • Arriving at your destination. Or whatever.
  • Going ???
  • Be not afraid
  • Failure tastes so good
  • My brother and sister are foolish
  • The distinct taste of almonds (likely refers to almond water
  • Asxcbskvshvavfhbdfcdcn
  • Though its the end of the world don't blame yourself
  • Have you heard the tale of the Mischief King?


Elevators are an entity that can be used to transport wanderers between levels, making them very useful. When a wanderer finds an elevator in a level, there is always a small, circular grey button on the wall next to it. This button is around the size of a quarter, and has a grey ring surrounding in, and a light in the centre. Pushing the button will cause it to move backwards, and the light will turn red until it is released. Releasing the button before the elevator has arrived will not lead to the elevator stopping. The button is usually located on a panel around the size of a large book next to the elevator, raised about 2 centimetres off of the wall. This panel is typically grey or black, clean, and completely flat except for the button, but may be any colour, any shape as long as it is quadrilateral, and dusty. In rare cases, the button may be on the wall, and, in extremely rare cases, may even be floating. Upon entering the elevator, wanderers have 5 minutes to press a button. Failure to press a button in time will typically lead to the elevator taking the wanderer to a random level, typically an undesirable one. The levels that an elevator will take wanderers to in case they fail to press a button in time are not always on the elevator, so this may be used if all levels the elevator offers are extremely dangerous. In rare cases, the elevator will simply fall, killing the wanderers inside of it. The buttons on the inside of the elevator look exactly the same as the button outside, but have a black number next to them, signifying the level they will lead to. These numbers are always the same height as the button, and may run onto other buttons. Although the buttons inside the elevator are often on a panel similar to the one outside, they are more likely to be against a wall or free-floating. These buttons usually lead to random levels, levels that are extremely dangerous, or levels that are quantum-stable (levels 1-11. Some say that elevators are able to go to Level 0, although there is no concrete proof).

Upon pressing a button, the elevator doors will slowly start to close, with no way to stop them. The elevator will then travel to whatever level the wanderer inside pressed the button for, or, if the wanderer failed to select a level in under 5 minutes, a random level. The elevator "terminal" on the level the elevator left from will vanish the instant nobody is looking at it, and a new one will be opened in a random location on the target level of the elevator, typically in a place where nobody is around. There are some reports of elevators rising with wanderers in them, although they are extremely rare. The direction the elevator moves to get to its target level is unclear, but anyone inside will feel as if the elevator is slowly moving upwards.

The Elevator Shaft

Main article: The Elevator Shaft
An image of The Elevator Shaft. An elevator can be seen below.

The Elevator Shaft is the area elevators travel through to get between levels. Interestingly, The Elevator Shaft has no doors, implying that elevators create exits. The Elevator Shaft can only be accessed by pushing the panels of a moving elevator. This is rather easy for most healthy wanderers to do, although it is impossible to do if the elevator is standing still. The Elevator Shaft also has anomalous, noneuclidian properties, as shown by the fact that elevators travelling between levels don't always end up in the same space, and there being multiple elevators in The Backrooms, despite The Elevator Shaft only appearing to have one. These properties have led to some wanting elevators to be reclassified into Class 1A, as they are seemingly able to noclip at will. The only way to exit The Elevator Shaft is to break into the elevator one was in before climbing through the roof. The Elevator Shaft is also very dangerous to travel, as there is nowhere to walk, and one must use mountain climbing equipment to traverse the level. The connections that the elevator uses to stay up are indestructible, however. Overall, traversing The Elevator Shaft is mostly pointless, due to the danger and lack of resources.



Elevators are found rarely in almost all architectural levels, even ones missing normal elevators. They are missing in all non-architectural levels, even ones that have regular elevators. They live inside of The Elevator Shaft.


As elevators are electric, they do not have to eat and instead must be powered by electricity.


The anatomy of an elevator entity is vastly simplified from a normal elevator's anatomy. While normal elevators are very complex, elevator entities are actually floating freely, with only two floating pulleys at their sides. Although it has never been observed, it is likely that the elevator falling is caused by these pulleys snapping. The elevator box itself is made of aluminum, no matter what it looks like, and is around 30 centimetres thick in all directions, except for the roof. The roof is made of plastic tiles, which aren't secured and can be easily pushed if the elevator is moving. However, an unknown force makes these tiles unmovable if the elevator is stationary.


Elevators most likely do not reproduce, and, if elevator reproduction does happen, it has never been observed, nor is there any evidence suggesting that elevators do reproduce. However, it is likely that the "spirit" of an elevator manages to take over another an elevator on an elevator's "death", meaning the amount of elevators in The Backrooms neither increases or decreases.

Dos and Don'ts


  • Check the screen to make sure the elevator is safe to ride.
  • Take appropriate action in instances where situational phrases appear.
  • Select a destination in under five minutes.
  • Select levels you know are safe.
  • Attempt to differentiate between normal elevators and elevator entities.


  • Ignore the screen.
  • Damage the elevator in any way.
  • Climb into The Elevator Shaft without proper equipment.
  • Hesitate when selecting a level.
  • Select levels at random.