Blossoming Eyes

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Entity 37
Entity Class:            Class 4C
》Moderately dangerous, hostile
》Animal-like intelligence

Blossoming eyes are flower-shaped entities in The Backrooms. They cling to walls, and hunt wanderers by waiting for them to walk near them.


Blossoming eyes look like flower buds, and are found on walls in many levels. Although they do not exclusively hunt wanderers, they seem to prefer them over anything else.


Blossoming eyes appear as very large flower buds, as well as having leaves and petals. As their appearance would seem too suspicious, blossoming eyes usually cover themselves with whatever material the wall is made of, in a manner similar to bursters. This makes them appear as a bump on the wall, something common in many levels. Naturally, they have a diameter of around 1 metre, with 4 petals that extend horizontally and vertically another 3 metres. They have rather small leaves that extend in 4 directions horizontally, being only around 30 centimetres long. While their petals are typically light pink, they can be almost any colour, although the colours of the petals are almost always the colour of a real-life flower, such as red, yellow, or white. Blue petals are exceptionally rare.

Their bud, despite appearing firmly closed, can actually be opened up very easily, revealing a circular eye. This eye does not have an eyelid or eyelashes, and it is unclear whether it can actually be seen through. This eye usually faces towards the wall, but will face outwards if the blossoming eye is planning to open its petals. The eye is similar to wanderer eyes in all other ways, with the exception that the colour of its iris is typically something not seen in wanderers, commonly being purple, grey, or blue.

Social behaviours

Blossoming eyes rarely interact with each other, although they do not seem to be hostile towards each other, with some reports showing some kind of friendliness between each other. However, blossoming eyes do socialize with skin-stealers, as many have formed a symbiotic relationship, where the blossoming eye will use pheromones to summon the skin-stealer once it has caught its prey. How exactly them communicate with skin-stealers for this to happen is unclear.



Despite having the appearance of a plant, blossoming eyes are very hardy and versatile, and are able to live in almost any level with walls that they can blend into and that sees wanderers at least occasionally. They do not need much oxygen to live. They do prefer levels with skin-stealers as well as low levels, however.


The diets of blossoming eyes are not very versatile. They almost exclusively eat wanderers, but have been spotted eating other humanoid entities, such as facelings and dullers. Blossoming eyes hunt by waiting for prey to walk in front of them, and then they will emerge from the wall they're hiding in. The wall breaks, and the eye, petals, and leaves are fully exposed. The eye will then stare at the wanderer, which, through unknown means, will cause said prey to freeze in time. Blossoming eyes then release foul-smelling chemicals that attract other entities. These other entities will then attack the blossoming eye's prey, and, due to what is seemingly mind control, they will give some food to the blossoming eye. This isn't the only strategy used by blossoming eyes, as some blossoming eyes have formed a symbiotic relationship with specific skin-stealers, and instead release an odourless chemical that attracts only one specific skin-stealer. Unlike the first chemical, this chemical does not have the ability to control the minds of entities, and the skin-stealer will willingly give up some of its food to the blossoming eye.


While blossoming eyes do look like plants, it is likely that they are either animals or fungi. Firstly, the pigment on blossoming eyes appears to be modified artificial dye, leading to some to believe blossoming eyes are actually man-made. The leaves and petals of blossoming eyes are mostly made of muscle and skin, as well as blood vessels. However, the lungs of blossoming eyes are on their petals. While their petals are sometimes used to grab prey, they typically act as lungs, with a small cavity inside them breathing and oxygenating blood. Most of the blossoming eye is inside their eye. While their eye may look like an eye, it is actually merely their face. Blossoming eyes, in fact, are entirely blind. Their “pupil” is their mouth, while the rest of their “eye” is actually fragile skin, containing no keratin. They have a very long tongue inside their mouth, that is also used to rarely grab things. This tongue is likely what causes blossoming eyes to be able to freeze their prey. At the back of their mouth, there are small digestive pouches, which take nutrients from food and release what's left into the air. A blossoming eye's nervous system is similar to that of a reptile, and their intelligence is likely of the same calibre. Their brain is above their mouth. Lastly, a blossoming eye's heart is on the back of its eye, and pumps blood throughout the blossoming eye's circulatory system. Blood generally flows up from the heart, then across to the lungs, then down and back to the heart. Their heart beats rather slowly, and is similar in structure to a wanderer's heart.


Like many sessile organisms, blossoming eyes reproduce asexually and are spore-forming. However, since many Backrooms levels lack wind, their spores are instead propelled through the air via cilia, and attach onto nearby creatures. They choose to drop off seemingly at random, and then climb into a wall, where they grow to become a blossoming eye. Despite being tiny, a blossoming eye spore has enough nutrients to make a single creature grow into an adult, although this does take several decades. Blossoming eyes themselves are some of the longest-lived entities, with them living hundreds or thousands of years.

Dos and Don'ts


  • Check walls for blossoming eyes.
  • Avoid blossoming eyes at all costs.


  • Attempt to fight blossoming eyes, or damage their hiding spot, unless you really know what you're doing.
  • Ignore blossoming eyes.
  • Yell if caught by one, as this will only attract more entities.