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Entity 36
Entity Class:            Class 5B
》Very dangerous and hostile
》Wanderer-like intelligence

A lighter in an area of Level 9 resembling Level 0.

Lighters are an extremely rare and very bright entity. They can make wanderers go blind in mere seconds.


Lighters are humanoid entities, usually visible as merely a ball of light. They are extremely hot, although, for unknown reasons, the heat they emit does not travel far. They can blind and melt wanderers easily. Due to their rarity and danger, they are very poorly understood.


Looking at a lighter directly for more than a few seconds will blind wanderers, and doing as little as taking a glance at it can cause irreversible eye damage. For the few wanderers that have looked at a lighter and survived, their description is almost always the same: A yellow ball of light. However, a few wanderers have managed to kill lighters and examine their corpses. They describe their corpse as being completely black, almost as if it was covered in charcoal, and looking very humanoid, but without any superficial features, like if a wanderer was wearing a suit that covered their whole body. It's assumed that their bodies are bright yellow, orange, or even white when they are alive.

Social behaviours

Due to the lack of information about lighters, little is known about their social structure. It is widely assumed that they are solitary, and nobody has ever reported two lighters interacting. A hypothesis is that lighters originate from a level that is not yet discovered, and live in a large colony there, while lighters found in other levels are merely hunting for food. This theory is supported by many scientists, although most who support it don't believe it fully, they only believe that it is “likely”.



Unlike the majority of entities in The Backrooms, lighters seem to be attracted to light, rather than being repelled by it. They are especially attracted to white or yellow lights, and seem to view coloured lights similarly to darkness. As a result, lighters are found only in levels with high amounts of yellow or white light. Even at these levels, they are quite rare. They are also hurt by water and do not like levels with it or even with humid air.


Lighters seem to eat light, which they use to keep their flame active. Despite not needing to eat wanderers, they are still very aggressive towards them. This aggression is almost exclusively towards wanderers, although attacks against facelings have been reported, albeit extremely rarely. The hunting strategy of lighters is to simply run towards whatever they're targeting. The run speed of lighters is similar to that of a car on a highway, and so wanderers will need to act fast to avoid a lighter killing them. They also accelerate very quickly, and are almost completely silent, especially considering the fact that the levels they're found in often have loud ambience. However, they are only able to run for around 30 metres, so going around corners will usually be enough to escape them.


The few lighters that have been killed seem to have been made of rock, although it is generally not believed that they are merely made of magma when they are alive. In fact, it is almost universally agreed that lighters are, in fact, so hot that atoms cannot form within them, and they are merely made of free-floating protons, neutrons, and electrons. Some have gone as far as to say that lighters are so hot that even protons and neutrons cannot form within them, and they are instead made of quarks. Due to this, many people doubt if lighters are actually “alive”, and are instead just a puppet of a stronger entity, or even The Backrooms itself.


Like most things about lighters, lighter reproduction is poorly understood. Many believe that all lighters were created with a single incident, meaning there is a finite number of them, and they are unable to reproduce, while others say they reproduce by budding. Some people also believe that lighters aren't even an entity, but just a part of a stronger entity. Either way, lighter reproduction is a mystery and has never been observed.

Dos and Don'ts


  • Splash lighters with water.
  • Turn around corners and run.
  • Assume that a glowing blob in the distance is a lighter.


  • Run away from lighters in a straight line.
  • Assume that lighters are friendly.
  • Play dead in an attempt to escape lighters.