Camo Crawlers

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Entity 31
Entity Class:            Class 4B
》Moderately dangerous, hostile
》Wanderer-like intelligence

Camo crawlers, also known as camo-crawlers, are a humanoid entity that moves exclusively by crawling. They also camouflage with their surroundings. Although they originated on Level 61, they are present on many levels now, albeit rarely.


Camo crawlers, alternatively spelt camo-crawlers, are small, humanoid entities that move by crawling and spend most of their lives in one place. They camouflage with their surroundings, giving them their name.


Camo crawlers are small humanoid entities with four legs around the same length, making them look like spiders. Their legs are all muscular, and have hands that can perform complex actions, much like the hands of wanderers. They also appear to clip their fingernails occasionally. Their body is skinny but largely resembles a wanderer's body. Their large head is visually very different from a wanderer's head, although is structurally similar. Most notable are their large white eyes, which bulge out of their head and have been described as "glowing" by some wanderers. These eyes are unable to see, as they have no irises or pupils, and consist of only sclera. They instead see via echolocation. Their mouths are very similar to the mouths of wanderers and have serrated teeth. They lack visible noses but do have nostrils. Their ears, although not very visible, are very good, being around 50x better than the ears of wanderers.

Lastly, camo crawlers are completely covered in fur, except for most of their head and palms. Their fur is naturally a deep brown and their skin is a natural gray. Camo crawlers can easily manipulate their fur to camouflage. Although their neck seems small, it is extremely flexible and can hide their head. Many wanderers who have encountered camo crawlers describe them as being "merely a lump".

Social behaviours

Camo crawlers are very intelligent and social creatures, and they often hunt in packs. While not eusocial like some insects, camo crawlers do exhibit advanced social organization. Camo crawlers tend to form colonies consisting of hundreds or even thousands of each other. These colonies often send out groups of camo crawlers to hunt, meaning that camo crawlers usually hunt in packs. Camo crawler colonies also have social events, where camo crawlers communicate in a language unintelligible to wanderers. Camo crawlers that go hunting are generally male, although they may bring females with them. Camo crawlers that take care of young are usually female, although are sometimes male.



Camo crawlers were initially discovered in the mid-1800s by a group of members of The Backrooms Colonists that got lost in Level 61. Camo crawlers seemed to only exist deep within the level at this point, and it's generally assumed that they lived there for thousands or even millions of years before discovery. After the discovery, the entities seemed to move closer to the level's entrance, and, by the late 1800s, were first spotted in Level 2. Since this incident, camo crawlers have become widespread across The Backrooms, with them being able to live in a diverse variety of conditions. Despite their movement, they are still most abundant in Level 61. While they can live in a variety of conditions, their hunting habits make them best suited to levels with wide, long hallways.


Camo crawlers eat wanderers and other humanoid entities. Their hunting strategies are very similar to those of bursters. Camo crawlers usually camouflage with their surroundings with a group of other camo crawlers. When they sense a nearby creature, they immediately jump on it. The creature is usually overwhelmed and killed by the camo crawlers. This hunting strategy is adapted to the train corridors of Level 61, where it is almost inescapable, although it works on many levels. Upon killing their prey, they take it back to their colony, where it is consumed. Camo crawlers can be tricked by throwing objects, which will distract them for long enough for a wanderer to run past them.


Like many humanoid entities in The Backrooms, camo crawler anatomy is very similar to wanderer anatomy. In fact, with camo crawlers, it is nearly identical. The only major difference between wanderer and camo crawler anatomy is that camo crawlers have thicker skin and longer, more muscular legs, possibly suggesting that camo crawlers diverged from wanderers not too long ago.


Camo crawlers reproduce sexually in a manner similar to that of wanderers. Upon being born, young camo crawlers are taken care of by their colony for a few years, until they reach maturity at the age of 12-14. By this age, camo crawlers are almost indistinguishable from adults. It's unknown how long camo crawlers live, but it's widely assumed their lifespan is around 80 years, similar to that of wanderers in The Frontrooms.

Dos and Don'ts


  • Check for camo crawlers, especially in Level 61.
  • Throw objects in order to distract them.
  • If you have no objects to throw, quietly walk away.
  • Assume that something that looks like a camo crawler is a camo crawler.


  • Inspect surfaces you suspect a camo crawler is on to determine if a camo crawler is on them.
  • Panic, yell, or run away.
  • Ignore camo crawlers when walking through hallways.