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Entity 3
“A smiler… An extension of the fear of the unexplained, when someone smiles at you for an unknown reason when you are all alone… you do not know what will happen but god save your soul…” - Note found in Level 2 written by unknown wanderer.


“Smilers” are hostile entities, recognizable by their horrifying bright, gleaming eyes and teeth. These entities only appear in dark corners or doorways, where the rest of their form is not visible. Sightings of these entities are among the most common of the backrooms, it is speculated that these entities do not have bodies; rather, the darkness is their bodies, however some wanderers beg to differ.

Social behaviours

“Smilers” hide in dark hallways, dark corners, and almost anywhere dark. “Smilers” are attracted to people experiencing fear of the unknown, usually of an unknown entity (usually thought of as monsters) or threat. A way to describe it is usually when a wanderer new to the backrooms in level 0 has the main fear of “Anything can happen, something will attack me at any time”. Similar to Deathmoths they sense wanderers by sensing anything remotely bright, starting to lunge at any flashlight/torch or any artificial light they see. (Turning on a flashlight in front of a “Smiler” will have the “Smiler” lunge at you). Smilers will be stopped by a Smiler Exterminator bottle. “Smilers” are hostile towards Frowners and Rattlers

  • The “Smiler” are typically creatures that stay still most of the time. But sudden noises or motions (from panicking or retreating), will make them highly aggressive. If you stay still for too long or don’t get away for too long, the smiler will chase after you.


“Smilers” have a long glowing smile, with multiple sharp teeth, and glowing white eyes, it is unknown what other physical features they possess, it is rumoured to have a physical body, which cannot be seen with the human eye. It's also rumoured that they have non-human, alien-like bodies, with arms and legs bent in unnatural ways. But this is unconfirmed. M.E.G. is currently trying to find out more about its biology at the moment.


Most humans. Only those that are ever so slightly familiar with/know about beings like it.


Like most but not all the entities in the backrooms, but unlike real animals they manifest into a spot in the backrooms


Dark corners, dark corridors and most places dark, list of levels in the main 12:

  • Level 0: No
  • Level 1: Common
  • Level 2: Very common
  • Level 3: Common
  • Level 4: No, one wanderer has claimed to see one, but that is unconfirmed (no picture, no proof and never happened to anybody else.)
  • Level 5: Very rare in the main areas, Very common in the boiler room
  • Level 6: Unknown, level hasn’t been explored enough
  • Level 7: No
  • Level 8: Very common
  • Level 9:Very common
  • Level 10: None in the main areas, extremely rare in trenches and rare in old wooden buildings
  • Level 11: None in the main areas but extremely rare in dark places in buildings


It is not possible to pinpoint a moment in time when “Smilers” were originally discovered, as they are extremely common in most levels. The earliest modern report of “Smilers” was registered when an anonymous 4chan user posted about them running from a "Glowy Smiling Thing" in 2009. Before that, the group known as The Lost dating back to 1998 had descriptions of what they called "The Ones That Smile", a demonic entity that eats whoever isn’t calm and peaceful. The first ever report of a Smiler dates back to the 10th century.

Dos and Don'ts


  • Keep eye contact and walk away slowly.
  • Keep quiet and do not make any loud sounds.
  • If you have one, Use a Smiler Exterminator bottle.
  • If you can throw far, and you are fast at running, throw a torch far behind them, they will chase after you after they chase after it, so you will need to outrun them.


  • Run away panicking unless the smiler lunges and attacks you.
  • Make loud noises
  • Keep your light sources on.