Death Rats

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Entity 24
Entity Class:            Class 3D
》Can attack wanderers but usually won't

An image of a death rat in level 1.

Death rats are creatures resembling rats that wander The Backrooms.


Although death rats usually act the same as rats, there are some notable differences.


In most cases, death rats resemble normal rats from The Frontrooms. However, unlike normal rats, death rats are able to rapidly adapt to their environment, allowing them to inhabit almost any level of The Backrooms. For example, death rats on Level 1 are similar to rats in The Frontrooms, but death rats on Level 2 are dark black and are able to withstand much higher heat. Rumours say that they can even drink the black sludge from the pipes, although this is unlikely.

Despite their hardy nature, death rats are not very intelligent. They will often eat poisoned food and walk off of high areas. However, this isn't an issue for them, as many death rats have evolved resistance to poison and rats are too small to be badly hurt from high falls. As well, death rats rarely attack humans, which may show that their eyesight is poor.

The internal workings of death rats are usually like normal rats, although rare cases have shown that some rats have larger stomachs, especially on levels with a lot of food such as Level 9.


Death rats have been found eating almost anything that is edible, even things with very little nutritional value such as moss, although somehow they are able to last for months on just moss. Death rats have also been seen chewing on human legs. They have never been seen grouping together to hunt or for other reasons.

Dos and Don'ts


  • Ignore them, they do not care about wanderers.
  • Kill them if they are trying to bite you.


  • Eat them, as many are poisoned.
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